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So, friends, the news is out: I'm leaving City Paper for the new New Republic, along with our editor of two years, Michael Schaffer. Until two weeks ago, I'd actually been planning on moving to India to freelance—not because of this job, which I've absolutely loved. Rather, because no young person should stay in one place for too long, and the biggest urbanization story in the world right now is on the subcontinent.

But then, Frank Foer came back to TNR, and we talked about covering the tech industry, which has been fascinating me over the last few months. So I decided to truncate the India project, for now, and go write for a magazine that's got its best years ahead.

I'm not going to get all weepy about leaving CP, for two reasons: 1) Mike Madden and Jon Fischer will take it to an even better place, along with the rest of this wonderful supertalented staff, including a TBA Housing Complexer who will be fabulous; and 2) I don't actually leave for another two weeks, and there are a lot of blog posts, columns and a cover story between now and then. So keep picking up the phone, sources!

And obviously, thankyou to you all for being awesome. (Most of the time.)

  • rock_n_rent


    Best of luck in your new gig - you will definitely be missed here!


  • Cap City Records Panhandler

    Safe travels. You will be missed.

  • dud

    all the best to you

  • Cap City Records Panhandler

    You were going to be the Katerine Boo 2.0?

  • jcm

    Well this is a bummer. Good luck to you, but I'll really miss your coverage of DC.

  • WhataDisgrace

    Your writing has always been fair and accurate and interesting. Happy Trails!

  • Jay Corbalis

    What a bummer! This blog is the best thing I read every day. I was always amazed at how often you were able to update it with such thorough, well written stories. More than just the reporting, your take on development issues in DC has always been spot on. Will really miss reading the blog!

  • Brian

    Good luck Lydia. I hope your replacement has been learning the ropes from you.

  • Jes’ sayin’

    Good for you. Bad for us.

    We will miss you. Godspeed, kiddo.

  • Sandra Day Bro’Connor

    Congrats! For the last year or so I've told anyone who will listen that you're the best local journalist working today and that City Paper wouldn't be able to hold onto you much longer. Well deserved.

  • D

    I too figured that it was a matter of time until you were on to bigger and brighter things. Unfortunate for us. Best of luck.

  • http://www.congressheightsontherise.com The Advoc8te

    Congratulations and I wish I took your advice when I was younger and moved more! :)

  • Cat Like

    Lydia your political commentaries were spot on. And this is from someone who criticized for your coverage of Real Estate.

    Not your thing. I will read the new paper to check out your articles.

  • Nooooooo

    This blog is the best source for literally everything in this town. No one else is as thorough or covers as many interlocking subjects. You should be extremely proud of what you have created here -- HC is truly a gem.

    Best of luck -- but I hope you'll still write now and again on the local scene too. You will be missed. Guess I'll have to start reading the New Republic again, though.

  • http://blog.robpitingolo.org Rob P

    Sad to see you go. Best of luck!

  • JM

    Congratulations and well done Lydia.

    Does this mean we can keep our height limit now?

  • Logan Res

    You've provided a great source of information for so many. You will be missed. Best of luck. Hope you make it to India someday...and take the DC NIMBYS with you. LOL

  • AP

    Good luck Lydia! Housing Complex is one of my favorite blogs. It surely won't be the same without you.

  • Keith

    Im sorry to see you go, your blog is always my first read at the City Paper.

  • Ward1

    I second Keith's comments. This blog has been a consistently good morning read. Best of luck!

  • http://www.oldschoolhardware.com Phil Lepanto

    Best of luck in your new gig, LDP. We'll be on the lookout for more great stories from you, but we'll miss your coverage on this beat.

  • Aaron Lemon-Strauss

    It's great to see real talent rewarded - congrats, LDP! But how sad for the rest of us. Can you post your favorite blogs/journalists before you go? Otherwise we'll be adrift about what's happening in DC.

  • Arnold

    No!!! Don't go! Darn it. I know it's a good decision for you, but it's going to leave a big hole in DC.

  • Janson

    Yeah. Well. This kind of sucks for me. I'm trying to see it from your perspective Lydia, but I guess I'm just selfish like that. If that TNR doesn't work out, maybe you can come back...

  • Kara

    So sorry to know you are leaving. You have kept me so well informed on development in DC (which I need for my job) and on broader planning concepts on a national scale. You also keep it interesting. Best of luck to you.

  • styglan1

    Best of luck Lydia. You will be missed and leave behind big shoes to fill.

  • styglan1

    I second the request for you to share your blog roll with us - that would be a fun gift!

  • Lydia DePillis

    Aw, thanks everybody! I'll see if I can put together a reading list (though my morning links posts should provide a sense of what it looks like).

  • noodlez

    Good Luck Ms. Lydia!

  • Typical DC BS

    Wow, you certainly are getting the royal send-off from some very tough critics here (noodlez even honored you with a comment in lower case letters!). And it's all well-deserved.
    I won't need to wish you good luck - your well thought-out and researched commentary is an indication of your bright present and future.

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  • Chris

    Good luck Lydia, will miss your wit and savvy reporting. Your replacement has B-I-G shoes to fill.