Housing Complex

Morning Links: Second Chance

Ted Leonsis may get his signs. [Post]

Watergate seeks big tenant. [GlobeSt]

Hello flexspace. [Costar]

Pot gets permits. [WAMU]

One third of Borders stores still vacant. [WSJ]

Don't forget to actually maintain all those new parks. [Archpaper]

Tax breaks need money back guarantees. [DCFPI]

Pepco, "the butcher of MoCo." [DCist]

Just one more thing making it easier to do business in Virginia. [BuildingArlington]

Mayor Gray might want to watch what he says about historic properties in Anacostia. [GGW]

And here's hoping a developer gets creative about revitalizing them. [R.U.SeriousingMe]

Today on the market: A vehicle and two humans?

  • Eric

    Lydia, was sad to hear your days are numbered at WCP. When is your last post before you leave us for greener pastures at TNR? Who will be your replacement (who will surely never be able to match your enthusiasm and knowledge)? Also was surprised to hear that you're leaving to write about technology.