Housing Complex

Morning Links: Occupancy

Nordstrom Rack to old Borders space? [Bisnow]

Interesting affordability restrictions you've got there, Tysons. [WashingtonTimes]

Wonderbread Factory gets office tenant, unnamed restaurant. [Urbanturf]

9th Street condo project gets the Historic signoff. [Urbanturf]

All that fretting about a Redskins training facility for nothing! [Post]

Any D.C. government employees need a house? [Post]

Outside Wisconsin, a bad day for unions. [WAMU]

New York preservation groups launch war on landmarking. [NYO]

Holy schneikes! The tallest building in New York City, only 128 units! [NYO]

A list D.C.'s glad not to be on: Most endangered places. [PreservatioNation]

Can't wait for Reason TV's expose on the CaBi boondoggle. [DCist]

Today on the market: 28 windows.

  • Hillman

    That house for sale on the Hill is beautiful.

    And at least now they are no longer advertising it as having parking.

    It didn't, as neighbors were quick to point out when I saw the property.

    There was technically the ability to get to the front yard and stick a car there, but very little chance the city would find that legal.

    Nice to see they've corrected the listing.

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    I wouldn't say the fretting was for nothing. Can't you make an argument that the 'skins saw the potential fight they'd face in the city, and that drove them into Virginia's arms?