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Well damn. I thought of all sorts of ways to write my last post on this blog—well, aside from a story to be published next week—but I’m not sure I can improve much upon this list of observations from way back in 2010 (hey, it was a steep learning curve). I’m incredibly sad to leave: [...]

Morning Links: That’s All, Folks

You could soon buy stuff at the pool. [DCist]
By the numbers, east of the river's a no-brainer. [Urbanturf]
Diversifying the fish market [DCist]
Could post offices be used better? [RPUS]
Occupy returns. [Post]
Feds to look closer at transit safety. [Post]
Agreed: The Metro ban on drinking water is totally absurd. [DCist]
What the Ward 5 streetcar barn kerfuffle is really [...]

NIMBYs for Mendo: How Could D.C.’s Next Council Chair Affect Development?

Barring some major upset, it seems pretty likely that all-of-a-sudden Council Chairman Phil Mendelson will be able to stick around after a special election. While certainly not omnipotent, Council chairs have substantially more influence over things we talk about in Housing Complex land, through their ability to make bills move quickly or slowly, and corral [...]

Morning Links

The state of the Wharf is good. [SWLQTC]
Parking reform cometh. [Post]
D.C. area growing even faster than before. [Post]
A Trinidadian makeover. [HomeandDesign via Curbed]
What lies beneath FormStone [Left4Ledroit]
TED for cities reconsiders. [NextAmericanCity]
Navy Yard Metro site gets figured out. [JDLand]
14th Street warehouse getting replaced by office building. [Urbanturf]
Today on the market: Fantastic Burleith block.

Safeway Is Tired of Hearing About Your Bathroom Issues [UPDATE: Safeway Apologizes]

As a frequent user of many different kinds of bathrooms, I can tell you that grocery store facilities are a special breed: Often an afterthought, rarely clean, and usually shared between workers and customers. The ones in the Safeway on Piney Branch Road NW, though, stand out.
First you have to find them, way at the [...]

Morning Links

LivingSocial almost free and clear. [Post]
Washcycle destroys libertarian Bikeshare angst. [Washcycle]
Firehouses closing here and there, but why? [DCist]
Property fraudster sentenced. [CHotR]
LEED growing older. [ULI]
At least foreigners want to buy American houses. [AtlanticCities]
Today on the market: Solar in Southeast.

Long-Empty Mt. Vernon Site May Finally Get New Condos

Way back in 2010, we learned about the Home Again program, the District's attempt to return vacant and abandoned properties to productive use by acquiring them and selling them in bundles to developers, who were then required to renovate them to certain standards. It worked, some of the time. Other times, developers would cherry pick [...]

District Exploring a Semi-Privatized Streetcar, Bus System

Well, this could be a way to build a massive infrastructure project without busting the city's budget: The District Department of Transportation is asking for ideas on how to bring in private capital for a 22-mile chunk of the original 37-mile streetcar system, and build it over the next five to seven years.
A request for [...]

Morning Links

Another JBG project moving forward. [Urbanturf]
Can the District handle its school buses? [BLT]
City changes the locks on McMillan. [Post]
The mystical, magical Palisades. [PoP]
Trailer bank's days are numbered. [SWLQTC]
Bus stops need seats. [GGW]
Hardware to Woodley Park. [PoP]
Is whiteness inevitable for growing cities? [Slate]
Kennicott adores new libraries. [Post]
Barry lets streetcar proceed before Council could overrule him. [DCist]
More [...]

Wayward Billboards Could Cost the City $15 Million

You thought D.C. had a sign problem on the Verizon Center? That's not the half of it.
During the hearing on sports mogul Ted Leonsis' request for flashy electric displays, Councilmembers mentioned that the District's sign regulations were undergoing a comprehensive review. For good reason: The Federal Highway Administration has warned the District that it's way [...]