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L’Enfant, the Hunger Games, and the Imperial City

Heart of American Empire.

Last week, former mayor Anthony Williams gave a talk before a bunch of history and geography geeks about the executive's role as city planner, in which he articulated his understanding of the meaning of D.C.'s monumental core.
"In my view, the capital is in the center, and the vision here is to show [...]

Uber As Proxy For D.C.’s Nouveau Riche

In the current issue of Time, Andrew Ferguson takes a crack at that most overdone of "local" Washington stories: How separate and apart the regional economy is from the rest of the country, how difficult it must be for us to feel the nation's pain. Using the popularity of the pricey personal cab service as [...]

Questions For Department of Human Services?

Tomorrow I'll be doing a Housing Complex Q&A with David Berns, director of the Department of Human Services, which deals with homelessness and public assistance. If you've got a burning question, let me know: @housingcomplex /

A Glimpse of Gallaudet’s New Openness, And a Vision For Union Market

Gallaudet University is well on its way through a 10-year campus planning process, and one of its priorities is opening up the campus to the surrounding neighborhood, especially what will develop at Union Market directly to the west. Here's a preliminary rendering of the 6th Street entrance:

Meanwhile, pictures are starting to emanate from the International [...]

Morning Links: Control Freaks

Now why does a 16th Street office building need to be two stories shorter? [GGW]
Bloomingdalians deal with crazy racist who thinks he owns their park. [Post]
Come on, Claire McCaskill, pay your taxes. [DCist]
Condo associations going solar. [GreenDCDaily]
Regional airport economics. [2030group]
Complicating density. [CityBlock]
West heating plant auction taking longer. [Patch]
D.C. transportation in global perspective. [WAMU]
Big office blocks [...]

This Week

Apologies for not getting this up yesterday. The rest of the week in vaguely real estate-related events:
6:30 p.m. – Tommy Wells answers questions on the redevelopment of Hine Jr. High School.
7:00 p.m. – Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5C meeting. Vote on McMillan historic preservation application on the agenda. All Nations Baptist Church, 2001 North Capitol [...]

Housing Complex Off Today

See you tomorrow!

Dupont Underground May Go Temporary

Everything is ephemeral these days, so why not a cavernous ex-streetcar tunnel beneath Connecticut Avenue?
The Dupont Underground, in fact, is one of those spaces that could use a boost of attention while it waits for a more permanent use. The Arts Coalition for the Dupont Underground has had exclusive rights to the District-owned space for [...]

Gary Rappaport: No Trolley, No Building on H Street

The Rappaport Companies' planned redevelopment of a shabby suburban-style mall on H Street NE between 8th and 10th Streets was one of the early big, new projects for the corridor (though Guy Steuart's Giant-anchored building got out of the ground on 3rd Street first). Since then, there's been no movement, even as developers buy up the [...]

Stuff You See At An Architects Convention

The American Institute of Architects annual confab is an overwhelming thing: They fill that cavernous floor of the Convention Center like no trade association I've ever seen with elaborate displays and hordes of designers with distinctive eyewear. Somewhat lost in the glitz were small collections of students from local universities showing off their entrants in [...]