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Morning Links: Control Freaks

Now why does a 16th Street office building need to be two stories shorter? [GGW]

Bloomingdalians deal with crazy racist who thinks he owns their park. [Post]

Come on, Claire McCaskill, pay your taxes. [DCist]

Condo associations going solar. [GreenDCDaily]

Regional airport economics. [2030group]

Complicating density. [CityBlock]

West heating plant auction taking longer. [Patch]

D.C. transportation in global perspective. [WAMU]

Big office blocks coming to National Harbor, viewed from the air. [CityBiz]

Today on the market: Used book store.

  • http://alexblock.net Alex B.

    That 2030 Group link is interesting - the pie charts they show don't add up.


    The 2030 chart shows BWI with 38.2 (I’m assuming million passengers, but there is no label) and DCA with 23.4, but DCA has the much larger share of the pie.

    Likewise, the 1990 chart seems to show BWI’s 9.8 as a larger slice than DCA’s 15.8 – both of which look out of whack compared to the IAD slice.

  • KT

    Marvin A. Rich is clearly a crazy, beligerent old man--but he has a legitimate legal case to make...