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Department of Ironic Relocations: David Brooks Moves to Ward 3

New York Times columnist David Brooks couldn't have characterized the entire population of Ward 3 as suffering from made-up social diseases having to do with the modesty of their bank accounts as compared with the magnitude of the institutions they control, then bought a $3.95 million house in their midst, and expected to get away with it, could he?

I don't know, because Brooks hasn't responded to an email or a phone call for comment. Best of luck to Brooks in making friends with his mighty but dowdy new neighbors in Cleveland Park—and in escaping judgment by their peculiar morality.

  • Cap City Records Panhandler

    Is he moving from Takoma Park, MD? He used to live there, I believe.

    BTW -- He wrote a great article nearly fifteen years ago about the social dynamics of the Red Line commute into downtown.

  • Travis

    Who cares?

  • NY

    How does the NY Times afford to pay this guy enough to buy a 4 million dollar home? Does he make enough from cable tv news shows to afford this house? Most likely he got the money from wall street financers in excheange for writing all those columns defending the 1%.

  • http://urbanplacesandspaces.blogspot.com Richard Layman

    books and speeches...

  • Eric

    um, he's an author with a string of bestsellers NY

  • Sandra Day Bro’Conner

    It's the weekly NewsHour appearances. Mark Shields resides in a $15 million Potomac manse, largely funded by Lehrer's largesse.

  • Roscoenurd

    Brooks is moving to, like, the DC NIMBY Vatican, the Cleveland Park Historic District.