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Morning Links: Next Generation

Another Southwest apartment building up for sale. [SWLQTC]

What to do with an old boys and girls club? [THIH]

Parking on the market. [Urbanturf]

Silver Spring's very expensive transit center. [Post]

Gas station turnover won't affect sandwiches. [PoP]

More people choosing a room of their own. [USAToday]

Anacostia: "No, we didn't run out of other neighborhoods to profile." [Curbed]

Cities looking more carefully at Walmart expansion—but not D.C. [NYT]

How dare those greedy developers try to maximize the value of their land! [Examiner]

Today on the market: Watergate penthouse.

  • editor


  • http://urbanplacesandspaces.blogspot.com Richard Layman

    Damn, I am so behind on my writing... your headline take on the NYT Walmart article was exactly how I was gonna term it...

  • Lydia DePillis

    @editor - DAMN it. Fixed.

  • louisa J. Rowland

    The SWLQTC got it wrong, the tenants associstion
    at Capitol Powers Towers at 301 G ST SW was established in 2005 and was not
    as a consequence of the pending sale.