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Does Sustainable D.C. Have a Race Problem?

This week, the District Department of the Environment issued its very visionary, very broad and sweeping plan to make D.C. the greenest city in the nation, as Mayor Vince Gray says over and over again. It was forged through dozens of meetings with volunteer committees, and hyped through advisory neighborhood commissions, community associations, and professional [...]

Got a Spare Seven Acres? Metro Launches Search For New Bus Garages

The Friendship Heights location, priced to move.

Remember that talk about how Metro needed to replace its two bus garages on 14th Street and in Friendship Heights? For a hot minute there, they thought Walter Reed might be the answer, until Mayor Vince Gray and Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser came out hard against the idea [...]

Light Blogging Today

...cranking out next week's cover story. Back tomorrow!

Morning Links: New Management

Union Market lands its first tenant. [Post]
Epperson gives up on Poplar Point. [WBJ]
Seeping change in Mt. Rainier. [DCMud]
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Bikeshare to New Haven. [NextAmericanCity]
New York City is way behind [...]

Holmes Norton Says She’s Torn on the Height Act

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton wasn't happy at my impatience over her statement last week that her "support for the Height Act is as strong as ever." We were talking about something else, and she launched into an explanation.
"The fact is it is true that what distinguishes a city is its scale. The scale has a [...]

St. Elizabeths Master Plan Drops With Pretty New Pictures

Do not underestimate the power of charismatic renderings in getting people on board with a development vision. That's what's been missing at the St. Elizabeths east campus in Ward 8, where the District envisions a mixed-use urban center full of tech companies, educational institutions, retail, parks, new residents, a new "transit center" next to the [...]

Morning Links: Phase 2

McMillan gets new website, more salons. [Bloomingdale]
Brick walls, exposed! [PoP]
Are new historic districts just about keeping people out? [Salon]
D.C.'s sustainability game plan. [Post]
Could East Shaw get historified? [EastShawDC]
McPherson gets aerated. [Examiner]
Gales School finally getting started. [DCMud]
City didn't have a grass cutter until recently? [ParkViewDC]
Today on the market: HUGE YARD

Meet the New Boss: DSLBD’s Harold Pettigrew

Want to start a business? Harold Pettigrew's your man. Now 32, he was promoted from chief of staff to director of the Department of Small and Local Business Development last year, making him one of the younger agency heads in D.C. government (but quite accomplished nonetheless). As part of Housing Complex's series of sit-downs with new bosses, we [...]

This Week

The week in vaguely real estate-related events. Got one to share? Drop me a line:
8:00 a.m. – State of Downtown discussion. Newseum.
11:00 a.m. – Opening of the Anacostia Riverwalk trail, release of SustainableDC vision strategy. South entrance of new Anacostia Riverwalk Trail Bridge, 1960 M Street SE.
6:30 p.m. – More SustainableDC vision planning. Florida Avenue [...]

Morning Links: Pile of Bricks

How the other half used to live. [DCist]
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What happened with that ugly empty rowhouse thing in Northeast. [Post]
Imagining Morgan's Family Fish Fry. [R.U.SeriousingMe]
It costs a lot to live near good schools. [Urbanturf]
Street closures for non-existent protests? [DCist]
CaBi isn't profitable today, and that's okay. [Streetsblog]
Today on [...]