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The Fairgrounds’ Target Demographic: Lexus Owners and Levi’s Wearers

I mentioned in my column this week that the Fairgrounds, the "temporary" bullpen across from Nationals Stadium, was soliciting advertisers for the sides of its shipping containers. A package by Orange Barrel Media—which does the signs on the Verizon Center—identifies 13 potential sites, and helpfully includes Lexus and Levi as examples. It sort of takes away from the charm of the shipping container concept, but hey, we should probably drop any indie pretense on this one anyway. Representatives from Georgetown Events, which leases the lot from developer Akridge, did not reply to emails after providing their initial statement on the withdrawal of Diverse Markets Management from managing retail in the shipping container complex.

  • Dan Gamber

    There is one of these in Montreal, on an old pier. Works well.

  • Bob

    Charm? I suppose if you consider a Calcutta slum charming. Although, I think it's called Kolkata now.

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