Housing Complex

Development From the Air, Courtesy of NASA

The flight of the Space Shuttle Discovery wasn't just an awesome mid-day gawking opportunity. It was also our chance to get updated aerial photos of the city, including sweeping views of Hill East and Northwest. Development watcher Geoff Hatchard (that's @imgoph to you, tweeters) came up with the first, and I ran with it, with the usual caveat: MS Paint is a highly inexact medium.


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    DePillis plus Hatchard? This combination of wits could be as brilliant as it is terrifying.

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    Your car barn is on the wrong side of Kingman Park.

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    I chuckled when I saw my place of employment (the J. Edgar Hoover FBI Bldg.) listed as a "Doomed Brutalist Building". Amen to that.

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    @John - Crap! Will fix when I have time to re-do the whole map.

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    remember when we had a space program and the redskins at RFK... 1 step forward 2 steps back (for mankind)

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    We still have a space program.

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