Housing Complex

Morning Links: Fallout

More ugly details in GSA scandal. [Post]

The battle is joined over later bar hours. [Post]

The sidewalk wars continue. [GGW]

The sad state of the Housing Production Trust Fund. [GGW]

What NPR will look like. [DCMetrocentric]

Anacostia Riverwalk becomes East Bank Trail. [Washcycle]

Get your solar thermal rebate. [DCSUN]

All the ways to be a Wardman. [Urbanturf]

The shrink-down-Hine campaign gets signs. [EMMCA]

Yes, Anacostia-as-Williamsburg is a troubling comparison. [DCentric]

Property taxes on the rise in MoCo. [WAMU]

Today on the market: Viking Range.

  • Bert

    Unfortunately the new NPR building design looks like the baby brother of the FBI's J. Edgar Hoover building.

  • NeoJew

    And to think I hoped the Anacostia as Wburg story would involve fur hats and kosher felafel joints.