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Ginnie Cooper Lands Bing Thom For New Woodridge Library

Get on your feet and sing hallelujah, the crazy library plans are back! After taking a breather from her building blitz, D.C. Chief Librarian Ginnie Cooper has brought on borderline starchitect Bing Thom—he of the swoopy Arena Stage—to design a new Woodridge Library. The existing services will be moved to a temporary location while a new building is constructed over the next three years at 1800 Hamlin Street NE, right off Rhode Island Avenue (a neighborhood not known for its architectural landmarks).

  • Anonymous, Too

    Hallelujah, indeed! Much prefer Bing Thom's firm -- actually known for its sustainable designs -- to the ugly, overbuilt, faux "green" mess slated for the West End.

  • Cap City Records Panhandler

    In other news, all neighborhood branches remain closed on Sundays.

  • DCist

    Up will go another flash in the pan building that certainly is better than what is there but doesn't speak to the soul of the community and will not last long. Look at the buckling metal skin at the Anacostia branch versus the timeless quality (100+ year design) of the Carnegie library. With public money, the public should get lasting quality of design, materials and construction. At the least, let’s also hope someone else does the Wayfinding – the mess of typography on the signage is horrid at Arena.

  • Cap City Records Panhandler

    @DCist You know it.