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Sale Watch: Wayne Berman Tries–Again–To Dump Whitehaven Manse

What do you know, you can't Google street view those properties.

Wayne and Lea Berman, an Ogilvy superlobbyist-cum-GOP bundler and former Bush White House social secretary, sure are optimistic about D.C.'s luxury real estate market. The couple bought their 82-year-old, seven-fireplace, nine-bedroom Georgian mansion on Whitehaven Street in Burleith for $4.836 million in 2001 (although a $4 million deed of trust filed in property records suggests that the sale price might not have made up the full value of the house). Three years ago, they tried to sell it for $20 million—quite the ask, in the teeth of a recession.

Nobody bought, and the house is now back on the market for  $13.7 million; a more modest but still ambitious price for a property assessed at $7.68 million. Tax assessments, though, don't take into consideration the value of living two doors down from Hillary Clinton.

  • Skipper

    I'm not sure what that neighborhood's name is, but it's definitely not Burleith.

  • TM

    Whitehaven does go though Burleith, but not this stretch. I'd call this maybe part of Embassy Row.

  • Allie

    Was going to say the same thing. Burleith more traditionally has its eastern boundary at Wisconsin Avenue.

  • jj

    Large mansions in Georgetown/Dupont/Kalorama can sell for nearly double their assessed price if they have been completely renovated. The city doesn't just suddenly double the assessment after a renovation and trust me the owners of large mansions don't lobby to have their houses assessed for more. The most recent example of that was 3210 R Street in Georgetown sold in 4th quarter 2010 for $11,111,111 and was assessed at around 5 million before the sale. I would not use the assessed value as a guide for pricing a property in this price point. I'd say the offering price is fair.

  • InTheMixx

    Hillary Clinton, secret service, sounds to busy.

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    Yeah, this little street is like an Embassy Row offshoot. Definitely too far north to be Burleith.