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Morning Links: Coming Together

Sneak peek of Edens' D.C. Farmers Market renovations. [CityBizList]

The Powerhouse gets Popularised. [GeorgetownDish]

How a Metro line comes together. [DCMud]

Glover Parkers protest Wisconsin road diet. [Patch]

What a big condo project coming to Adams Morgan looks like. [Urbanturf]

What the new G.W. Museum looks like. [DCMud]

Shouldn't a surplus generated by furloughs be used to pay back furloughs? [DCFPI]

Why are fewer people biking in Beijing, and what can be done? [AtlanticCities]

You think renters get subsidized? Let's look at high-income homeowners. [R.U.SeriousingMe]

Today on the market: Wall to wall luxury.

  • Dizzy

    Last week I had a Georgetown professor who lives in Glover Park tell me, with complete and passionate seriousness, that medians have been proven to be failed road design. She couldn't understand why DDOT didn't know this, despite her telling them this repeatedly. I'm thinking what we have here is a failure to communicate.