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Caribbean Festival May Be Saved! (MAYBE)

Though they made no mention of it at last night's meeting, Caribbean Day executive director Loughton Sargeant called today to assert that they're exploring locations other than Georgia Avenue to hold the 20th annual celebration on the originally planned date of June 23 and 24.

What about the $400,000 they needed to raise, though? Well, apparently it won't have to be quite as much—Georgia Avenue is more expensive to police, Sargeant says, because of the high number of cross streets. He hasn't gotten a new estimate from the Metropolitan Police Department for the other potential locations.

Ward 4 Councilwoman Muriel Bowser's office says she's working with the organizers to secure the as-yet-undisclosed new location.

It's not with the help of the mayor's office, though, which sent over this statement: “We are disappointed that we were unable to reach an agreement with the event organizers that would have allowed the Carnival to continue."

Photo by Matt Dunn

  • H Street Resident

    Start at the HopScotch Bridge, head down H street -> Benning Rd. then into Anacostia Park just north of RFK. That way you can set up vendors and party in the the park with only a short stint in the surrounding neighborhood.

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  • Stew913

    That a good idea to end the Caribbean Carnival in Anacostia Park. It would be very sad to see the day so many islanders look forward to cancle.

  • StrangeFruit

    H St Resident & Stew913,

    Why Anacostia, not Capital Hill?

  • Chris in Eckington

    The whole reason that it has been held on Georgia Avenue is because 1) that's where Howard University is and where many of the first Caribbean immigrants to DC went to school during Jim Crow, and 2) although many have since moved further afield, it was the traditional center of the Caribbean community and where many of their businesses are located, so moving it out of the neighborhood seems like a non-starter to me.

  • 16h Street Heights

    Good riddance! Most of the people that attend this Carnival lives in Maryland. Let them move this mess to Prince Georges County, Maryland. After seeing a bunch of young black males and females fighting and acting like wild animals on Georgia Avenue, NW in front of Howard University last year, I was appalled. I am a Howard University graduate, class of 1978.

  • Dunori

    @ StrangeFruit - they tried Capital Hill already about 8 years ago. It was voted to move it back to Georgia Ave because not many people liked the vibe there, partially c\o Chris in Eckington's points.

  • Concerned Participant

    It is sad that better planning is not done for this event. I know events that start their fundraising for the following year as soon as the event is over. This is what should happen. I don't hear of any Galas to raise funds for the Caribbean Festival in DC.

  • Vi Person

    one word fro the person on 16th street go to hell

  • Vi Person

    concerned participant ur so right that would help start raising funds now

  • Rob

    This seems to be an issue that can be best resolved by better coordination between the organizers and the local law enforcement agencies (MPD, Metro Transit and Park Police). I believe that all have jurisdiction at various points of the parade and celebration. Why move it? If allowed, the same riff raff will act out wherever, with the possible exception of neighborhoods west of the park. But we all know that this type of celebration would never take place there, or if it were allowed you would have a very strong law enforcement presence. If the Caribbean-American base resides along Georgia Avenue, why move it especially since many Howard students and alumni take part in the festivities? Is this another effort to change the complexion and demographics of what used to be a historically black section of the city?

  • 16th & Military Road, NW

    Vi Person, where do you live in D.C. or do you live in PG County? The Caribbean festival has out grown Georgia Avenue, NW. Gentrification is now in many of those neighborhoods and those taxpayers don't want people trashing, shooting, and fighting in their neighborhoods. Why do so many blacks flee to PG County? If they loved D.C. so much, they would have stayed here. The same goes for many of the black churches. Most of their members live in Maryland and yet they drive into D.C. and double park their vehicles in front of D.C. taxpayers home. I am talking about D.C. tax payers that pay large sums for property taxes. I say cancel this event which is one big hot mess or move it to Ward 8 or in PG County. Marion Barry should be helpful getting this festival in Ward 8 since he doesn't want whites or Asians out there. I am black, a D.C. resident, voter, and property tax payer. In reference to telling me to go to hell, I vacation there.

  • 16th & Military Road, NW

    P.S. I am 16th Street Heights and I live in the 16th Street Heights Civic Association area of Ward 4. I am a native Washingtonian.

  • Kingman Park Resident

    We do NOT want it in NE DC! Please stop suggesting other communities in DC.

  • 16th & Military Road, NW

    LOL@Kingman Park Resident; I hear you loud and clear. Let them take this hot mess out to Prince Georges County, Maryland or Anne Arundel Country, Maryland.

  • TriniBlue

    I live on GA avenue. So can't get any closer then that. I have enjoyed the parade both times that I participated and have never had any problems in the band where I play Mas. I am not know to act like a wild animal at 40 years old and neither have the people who participate with me. 16th street hit it right on the head when they said the gentrified neigborhoods don't want it. As if gentrification is a good thing...?? Why have so many people moved out of DC? The city is taxing the native people out. DC is becoming as bland as white bread. I was in NY this weekend and was amazed at all the culturally relevant activities and the fantastic amount of entertainment for everyone. DC doesn't offer a damn thing for either the young black american or the grown and sexy. Which is why you get a bunch of foolishness on the streets. Go to any other major city...Philly, Atlanta, NY and you will find that its about diversity and not gentrification. @16th street...don't be so niave and blind to the erradication of culture in your neighborhood...becuause just as fast as they push out your "no good neighbors" when they want what you have you'll be next!

  • 16th & Military Road, NW

    There's no diversity in Philadelphia. Philly is a very segregated city with lot's of black on black violence. Gentrification is taken place in Philadelphia and New York City. I am college educated with 2 Degrees making 6 figures and I can afford to live in D.C. as the white new comers. I pay high ass property taxes to live in Ward 4 D.C. and I don't want outsiders from other States coming in for this Caribbean mess destroying my neighborhood fighting, drinking, robbing, and killing innocent people. Take this Caribbean Festival to PG, County or Charles County. I am black and my ancestry goes back 400 years to slavery in South Carolina. I share no cultural bond with West Indians.