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Morning Links

Maryland thinking about thinking about stealing D.C. United. [DCist]

Go census-diving in near Southeast. [JDLand]

How much does it cost to replace McPherson's grass? [Examiner]

Dan Tan hearts the Georgetown Waterfront Park. [GM]

The funny thing about this is D.C. can't even paint green lanes. [Washcycle]

Library of Congress finally starting scholars residence. [EMMCA]

It's true: Streetcar tracks suck for bicycles. [TBD]

Today on the market: Petworth Wardman.

  • Eric

    Pretty sure they could paint green lanes if they wanted to. I don't remember an anti-green lane law. Sure there was protest for them on Penn Ave (which, in my opinion, was a huge mistake), but outside of the Federal area, I doubt the NPS or CFA would have any reason to object.

  • Mrs. D

    Please explain, Eric, why bike lanes on Penn were a "huge mistake?" I am on Penn constantly, walking and biking, and haven't noticed any appreciable changes in traffic flow during even the busiest hours. Penn was always light on traffic between the White House and Capitol, by DC standards. I used to live on the Hill, and on few occasions when I got rides to or from work, we could always make it between the landmarks in under 10 minutes, during rush hour...we didn't EVER have to wait for more than one light cycle to get through an intersection...not exactly a slow commute.

    Now Penn is bikable for me (and the hundreds of others I see using that bike lane everyday...from tourists to hard-core bike commuters), so I can avoid the crush of Caps fans, tourists, and Baltimoreans commuting in the downtown loop on the red line. I bike to Union station and get on the train after all those folks have cleared out...GLORIOUS! And often faster! Course...would be nice if some of the Batlimoreans and tourists could use their brain to come up with this solution themselves, and the Caps fans would realize that the Verizon Center is really only a few blocks from Metro Center...