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After Scandal, Tangherlini Swapped In At General Services Administration

Holy career moves! Dan Tangherlini, the former District Department of Transportation director-turned-Metro head-turned-City Administrator whom President Barack Obama plucked to be Chief Financial and Performance officer for the Treasury, has been named head of the General Services Administration following the resignation of Martha Johnson over "excessive spending."

And how. The Post reports that Johnson's agency, which acts as the federal government's landlord, spent $823,000 on a training conference in Las Vegas in October 2010—complete with a mind reader, commemorative coin set, and classes in how to build a bicycle. White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew said the president himself was "outraged by the excessive spending, questionable dealings with contractors, and disregard for taxpayer dollars."

The generally well-regarded Public Buildings Service administrator Bob Peck, a former head of the Greater Washington Board of Trade and frequent presence on panels around D.C., was "forced out" as well.

Agencies in turmoil are never that great to do business with—and D.C. does a lot of business with GSA—but you couldn't ask for a better guy for the job, from the District's perspective. The data-driven Dan Tan was former Mayor Adrian Fenty's brain, in a lot of ways (he was the one who hired Planning Director Harriet Tregoning) and understands what the District needs from its federal overlords. If he's allowed any freedom at all in his new position, feel good about the prospects for friendliness from one of D.C.'s biggest landowners.

Also: Read Jonathan O'Connell on why it's ironic that Peck got fired over profligate spending.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • TM

    Great news, but I'm not sure how this gets us closer to my wish that he'd return to DC politics!

    Small nitpick though: he was DDOT-head turned WMATA head, not vice-versa.

  • NE John

    Agree TM, he was a real plus for DC!

  • Typical DC BS

    Wow, that's a HUGE shake-up at GSA, especially Bob Peck getting sacked. Mr. Peck has been the go-to guy on GSA related matters for a long time.

    I thought Mr. Tangherlini had relocated after he left the Fenty administration. Wasn't it to Chicago?

    Mr. Tangherlini will have his hands full now.

  • Race Matters

    Typical DC BS, it was Gabe Klein for DDOT Director that moved to Chicago, not Tangherlini.

  • Race Matters

    former DDOT Director

  • DCDem

    Perhaps he can use the nations reserves to go about the nation building $400,000 dog parks as he did in the District of Columbia.

  • rip off the rich

    Dan Tangherlini is the absolute best choice possible for this position. I wouldnt want to work there though and not have answers... this guy is smart and suffers fools.

  • InIt2WinIt

    Dan loves to spend. I guess in the District, that is all it takes to be "competent". What he doesn't suffer is utilizing public funds for wasteful pet projects and favored friends.

  • Mr. Remember

    Either Dan Tangherlini or Anthony Williams for the job.

  • Party in the GSA

    Tangherlini the reason that Metro is so screwed up?

  • Timmy G

    I was going to fire the guy anyway ...

  • Wolverine

    Wasteful trip to Vegas? No biggie. The real crime is Tangherlini's beard. I want my facial hair back!

  • J.C.

    Its Washington DC's "Bubba Factor" - they fire one "Bubba" and hire another "Bubba". Makes me sick. Especially when they are cutting the National Defense Budget, reducing Veterans Benefits, and charging both Active and Retired Military more money for Health Care. Veterans and servicemembers EARNED their benefits! These Washington DC "Bubba's" dont do CRAP and yet they STEAL from Americans! Washington DC needs an enema! its full of CRAP!

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