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Sale Watch: U Street, Melody Records, Patriot’s Parking Lots

A few interesting property transactions over the past few months:

The District bought a cluster of parking lots on Okie Street NE from Patriot Equities, the company that tried and failed to develop the Hechts Warehouse right nearby, for $16,750,000. All the Department of General Services could tell me is that they'll be used to consolidate multiple [...]

Sky Nails Becoming Nothing Exciting on Bladensburg Road

Local development watchers have noted the closure and gutting of Sky Nails across from the yuppied-out Flats at Atlas on Bladensburg with interest, wondering whether it won't become a new condo building with ground floor retail, considering how quickly the eastern end of H Street seems to be on the ascent. But alas! According to [...]

This Week

The week in vaguely real estate-related events. Got one to share? Drop me a line:
10:00 a.m. – Council hearing on Budget Support Act, Request Act. Wilson Building, room 500. (Lots of markups throughout the week. Schedule here).
6:30 p.m. – Rhode Island Avenue Task Force meets for updates. Rhode Island Row Community Room.
6:30 p.m. – [...]

Morning Links: Complications

Geekeasy couldn't hack it. [Post]
Streetcars in 2013? Yeah right. [TBD]
Politics befuddle Silver Line's future. [Post]
The house in a museum. [Washingtonian]
D.C. trees could use a little help. [DCist]
The building called The Place. [DCMud]
Hotels, workers figure things out. [Post]
Gaming out the options for Poplar Point on the block. [R.U.SeriousingMe]
Neighboring ANC opposes McMillan development. [Bloomingdale]
Parsing the mayor's housing [...]

Community College CEO Quits, Decamps to Florida

In a sharp blow to the District's not-even-three-year-old community college, its chief executive—Dr. Jonathan Gueverra—is leaving for another one.
The Florida Keys Community College announced yesterday that Gueverra would become its sixth president. And it appears as though he's been contemplating the move for some time: The choice came "after months of sifting through dozens of [...]

The Fairgrounds’ Target Demographic: Lexus Owners and Levi’s Wearers

I mentioned in my column this week that the Fairgrounds, the "temporary" bullpen across from Nationals Stadium, was soliciting advertisers for the sides of its shipping containers. A package by Orange Barrel Media—which does the signs on the Verizon Center—identifies 13 potential sites, and helpfully includes Lexus and Levi as examples. It sort of takes away [...]

Morning Links: Raised Bars

This is really quite the house. [Curbed]
DDOT needs to do better. [TBD]
Why the building next to the Loree Grand is stalled. [WBJ]
New renderings of Skyland Walmart, compared to the rest. [BeyondDC]
Dunno that I'd put money on RGIII living in D.C. [Urbanturf]
"La Chateau de Lumiere" raising hackles in Great Falls. [Post, DCbyDesign,HuffPo]
Today on the market: Barracks Row [...]

One More Thought on Lumen8 Anacostia: The Feeling of Losing Control

Planting a flag, indeed.

While I was busy contemplating transience, Elahe Izadi over at WAMU did some reporting at last weekend's Cherry Blast, taking the temperature of partygoers just setting foot in Anacostia for the first time. For many, the experience was a boost over the psychic barrier created by perceptions of poverty and danger. That [...]

Morning Links: Dysfunction

Design review reaches unprecedented heights of absurdity. [Current]
Tyrannical zoning rule gives theater a scare. [GGW]
Should activism impact the zoning process? [RPUS]
Glover Park furniture district? [PoP]
Condo conversion on Rock Creek Church Road. [Urbanturf]
Parcel 42 RFP issued, 5th and I stalled, Skyland starting early next year. [WBJ]
Snazzy new Brooklyn center for "urban science." [NextAmericanCity]
What's Mark Ein doing [...]

Temporary is the New Permanent

Two weekends ago, something happened in Anacostia that nobody could remember in recent memory: The streets were full of people. White people. On a Saturday.
They came on bicycles and parked at a bike valet, gallery hopped along Good Hope Road SE, browsed vintage clothing, lined up at food trucks, smoked cigarettes while listening to jazz [...]