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Department of Health Picks Six Pot Cultivation Centers

The Department of Health finally stuck to a deadline on its medical marijuana program, approving six cultivation centers that can move ahead with building permits and certificates of occupancy.

The list, obtained by the Post last night, is as follows:

  • Montel Williams' Abatin Wellness Center, 2146 Queens Chapel Road in Langdon
  • Montana Apothecary dba Alternative Solutions, 2170 24th Place NE in Langdon
  • District Growers, 2417 Evarts Street NE in Langdon
  • Holistic Remedies in 1800 block of Fenwick Street NE in Ivy City
  • Phyto Management, 3701 Benning Road NE in Benning
  • Venture Forth dba Center City, 2210 Channing Street NE in Langdon

Phyto Management will actually have to move, per emergency Council legislation. The other five may not get a more warm welcome: All of them are in Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5B, which voted against medical marijuana cultivation period.

This round of choices leaves room for four more qualified cultivation centers allowed under the law, but it's unclear when the rest will be established. Five dispensaries—perhaps the more contentious part of pot distribution in the city—are expected to be announced in June.

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  • Common Sense Police

    There is no reason for marijuana to be illegal. Any argument to the contrary is based on lies and propaganda. For thousands of years it did no harm and since prohibition began it has been demonized by those who profit from its prohibition. Anything else is simply not true. Spin away and I'll try to make your arguments look foolish but my arguments aren't to prove marijuana's harmless nature, peer reviewed scientific studies have already done that. If you choose to further prohibition by keeping the propaganda alive I will endeavor to make you look foolish for not researching the truth. Honest cops have had their say http://www.leap.cc
    For alphabetical lists of peer reviewed studies showing proven medical benefits of marijuana as medicine check http://www.letfreedomgrow.com/cmu/GrannysListJan2012.pdf

  • jon

    all i want to know is are they hiring and where do i drop off my resume?!

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  • Whoa_now

    Anyone else see a marketing program for the National Arboretum?

    "Come get high near the bonsai"

  • http://www.twitter.com/kevdc KevDC

    It's a shame they can't come to Dupont. I know that I would support them if they wanted to open in ANC2B.

  • Oregon Native

    Be carefull. It's a mess out here. I have a card, I go to a dispensary. I am allowed 24oz. As it stands, the dispensary keeps 23 of those. I get 1. What they do with it I don't know. I know I am not the only one not getting my medication as I need but as the "Cooperative" allows.
    I hope and will vote for the legislation co-authored by
    Paul Standford and the founder of "MaMas' House".