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This Is What Moving a Building Looks Like

A little after 7:00 a.m. on Saturday morning, if you had been walking down New York Avenue NW towards the Convention Center, you would've seen an odd sight: A falling-apart old building on wheels, walking across the street. That's the former Hodge's Roast Beef Sandwich Shop, which had been elevated up on blocks in preparation for the move. It's one of a few historic buildings that Douglas Development is relocating to make way for the new headquarters of the Association of American Medical Colleges headquarters, at the urging of the D.C. Preservation League.

I missed the move, but Alex Padro of Shaw Main Streets was kind enough to send some photos, of which there are more after the jump.

  • Drez

    Nice. Thanks.

  • http://thegreatermarin.wordpress.com OctaviusIII

    I am impressed, and still confused as to why that particular building qualifies as "historic" but the rowhouses next door did not. Probably something arcane; it was closed when I moved into the neighborhood.

  • Stuart

    If only they had saved the old historically Black "Georgia" theater on Ga. Ave.

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  • crin

    It's not a designated historic building. It is not on the DC Inventory of Historic Places. Only buildings on that inventory are subject to preservation law and regulations. It's simply an old building. Why Jemal is going to this extent only he knows. Perhaps DCPL threatened to submit a landmark application and this is the agreement they arranged, but that would be a private agreement.

  • Thayer-D

    This is one building that wouldn't be missed.

  • Si Kailian

    HP makes weird decisions I couldn't even begin to explain. Hodges had been open since 1896, I used to go there before it closed - the food was great. Thanks Alex for the pics!

  • Al bean

    This is not there original hodges. The1st one was located on 9th st & was torn down &replaced with the Hoover bldg

  • stanley love

    Thanks for the comment placing the original Hodges on the west side of 9th street. Sorry, it was located on the east side of 9th, and it was cavernous compared to the replacement on NY ave; oh, and those enormous Kaiser rolls dipped in the juice. Real Food!