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Always Low Prices: Walmart Developer Bundles Donations for Yvette Alexander

The Capitol Gateway Walmart, with a little help from a friend.

Pesky campaign finance rules—it's so hard to build up a war chest one $500 check at a time! Can you really blame sitting councilmembers for hoping their well-heeled supporters will find out a way around them? Bundling donations from limited liability corporations owned by real estate developers has become par for the course in D.C. politics, from Jack Evans to Jim Graham, and the Council nixed an attempt to ban them in this last round of ethics reforms.

The latest installment comes from Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander, whose latest filing report shows 12 checks for $500 each from a Baltimore address belonging to the A&R Companies, which is building the Capitol Gateway shopping center that will host one of the ward's two Walmarts. The $6,000 total comes to more than a third of Alexander's haul this reporting period.

It's not the first time Alexander's campaign operation has overlapped with Walmart. Last year, the Washington Times reported that her campaign manager and a fundraiser were consulting for the super-retailer, and Walmart lobbyist David Wilmot co-hosted a fundraiser for her in December.

As for A&R's project: It hasn't submitted its zoning application yet, which means a community benefits agreement is still being negotiated, and Alexander's help could be useful.

  • wjg2

    If she has to push the communicty to have them put a Walmart in Ward 7, I really do not think that Yvette Alexander has the backing to push the people or motivate the people to support her. She is on the verge of being uprooted from her City Counsel seat, in this years election. She has not done enough to rally the people to stand behind her on this on the ball has fallen the residents of Ward 7 are sick and tired of being pushed aside so therefore it time for change. So change is about to happen.

    As for Yvette accepting multiple checks from one individual, the courts will handle there business I am quite confident in that, then she can pay for her lawyer with the campaign contributions if it comes to that.

  • NE John

    Just stick all these redneck stores in her ward.

  • Skipper

    Yvette will win b/c there's no viable alternative.

  • RT

    That Walmart looks like a suburban school, and not in a good way.

  • DC Guy

    She should join Orange and Thomas on the sidelines.

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  • DCNative

    @skipper you must not have come to a forum or been involved in this race. Kevin B. Chavous is a viable candidate. He crushed everyone at the Penn Branch forum! He is on the verge of victory! Come to a debate, drive around the neighborhoods and you'll see what's up ! http://www.kevinfor7.com

  • cutthecrap

    @DCNative: Kevin B. Chavous is a pervert. He picks up prostitutes (I'm sure you will come back with a denial but we all know it's true). Not to mention the fact that he has done absolutely nothing in the ward. He's just 27, straight out of law school and a puppet for his daddy. He has a 0.0% record for doing anything for Ward 7 and the people who live there. All he has is name recognition.

  • PocketsNSockets

    Kevin Chavous picks up hookers in known transvestite cruising spots. And the morons in Ward 7 will vote for him anyway.


  • Seven Seven

    Funnier still is that Ronnie Streff who is gay wrote a $500 dollar check to Tom Brown, and yet Tom Brown would vote against gay marriage if he could, and given the chance would lobby to repeal gay marriage, and while Ronnie wants to get money from A&R himself, Tom supports Respect DC who wants to block Walmart from coming. Now that jon training.

    And why does Kevin dog how long it has taken to get Skyland complete, and yet his father was the Councilmember for 12 of the crucial years when the project could have gotten done. I guess if you still live at your moms house...

  • Joe

    This isn't the first company to engage in pay to play with political contributions. Giant is another.

  • Ward 7

    @ cutthecrap I am tired of people acting self-righteous like they have never done anything wrong in their lives!! I mean really cutthecrap, you've never done anything wrong? Never sinned/violated any laws ever? People like that make me sick. I honestly could care less about those things. It's schools, jobs, taxes, street repairs, etc. that I and most other folks who LIVE in Ward 7 actually care about. I just want my elected official to fight for my rights and inform me of things I need to know about that affect my community. Get off your moral high horse cutthecrap.

  • SaveWard7

    At last night's Forum stupid girl alexander DENIED having received any donations in $500 amounts which totaled to the $6k. cutthecrap, pocketsnsockets, if there is any freaky mess going on it must be between the two of you. Unless you live in Ward 7 and have to deal with a person who made it very clear last night that her agenda is all about her, don't comment. Come walk our streets at night and tell us all just how safe you feel without adequate police protection. As far as she is concerned, she sees no problems in Ward 7.

  • Mike

    Sounds like Ward 7 is none other than Kevin B. Chavous himself. Took a little time away from the tranny prostitutes to write on the message board.

  • tony

    As I take a hard look at this race and the candidates, Tom Brown seems to be the best candidate who could really deliver for ward 7. As I have said before, Ward 7 problem is economic development or the lacked thereof. The ward needs someone who can develop good business relationships with the private sector to bring economic revitalization. Tom Brown has more than 20 years of working with corporations to better his community. He is strong and smart enough to ensure that the people of ward 7 get a fair deal from any sort of business partnership with the private sector. More importantly, he has a grassroots background and a strong community service record. He is the exact person ward 7 really needs. Yvette has had her chance and she has failed, period. Kevin is too inexperience and risky. VOTE TOM BROWN

  • InIt2WinIt

    Yvette will never get a vote from me. I'll write my name in before I vote for this lazy bag of wind. A VERY BIG bag of wind.

    Chaveous seemed to be bright with new ideas and a drive to move the ward forward. However, one has to question his judgement when picking up prostitutes at the same time he is running for a political office. Who does that?

    I have done my share of dirt so I won't judge his actions. I live in a glass house. Nonetheless, I just don't understand what he was thinking.

    I will vote in the primary, I don't know who I'm voting for, but I know I will NOT be voting for the overrated hood rat.

  • Seven Seven

    I enjoy the commentary and have even changed position as a result of other comments, but I hate the characterization of our black women.

    "Stupid girl," "lazy bag of wind," "hood rat."

    We wonder why young brothers do not treat black women well.

  • OllieSeymore

    seven seven: Yvette "PIG FEET" Alexander will NOT be getting my vote! Call is what you may...She needs to be called names because this is the only language she knows!

    If Ward 7 vote for Ms. Piggy, this will be a total of 10 YEARS as one of the leaders of the Ward. 10 Years is a long time and NO real results!

    Ward 7 deserves better!

    Nobody is perfect but I feel Ms. Pig Feet has had her chance with almost 6 years in office! Enough is Enough!

    We need to give someone else a shot!

    Ward 7, do something different on April 3!

  • PissedA$$He77

    WARD 7,




  • Ronnie Streff

    Yes Seven Seven, I am gay and did give $500 to Tom Brown's campaign. While a technical difference, I don't actually support WalMart coming, I accept it as something I'm realistically not going to be able to stop and move forward as a negotiator on the CBA attempting to get hundreds of thousands of dollars from the developer and DCHA for my community (not for me, doesn't work that way, I wouldn't even accept drinks or a meal from Walmart, their lobbyist, or A&R after a community meeting). As a W7 resident, homeowner, and civic participant, I am tired of not getting having respected leadership on the council to fight for the Ward. Tom Brown's record, and what he has shared with the community tells me that he is the candidate to get the respect required. Alexander hasn't cut it. In case you missed it, Tom Brown received the highly sought after (and LGBT I might add) Gertrude Stein Democratic Club endorsement. While I don't support Alexander, I will defend her against bad information and charges: SaveWard7, Alexander did not deny receiving $6K in bundled contributions from the developer for the East Capitol St Walmart, she said receiving $6K from one organization (via LLC's) was legal and in her opinion it is right (I discovered the bundling and asked the question at the Penn-Branch forum BEFORE this was covered by the press). My personal opinion is that Alexander has failed (even Gray is not working with her in his efforts to bring the football training camp to Reservation 13 in Ward 7), Chavous is just a name, Bennett is a slick minister in the campaign for personal gain and can't even develop the 20 or so properties he owns in the ward, Douglas is an embarrassment, and Tom Brown has proven performance that makes him my candidate.
    Ronnie Streff, Ward 7 resident (not hiding behind a screen name)

  • PissedA$$He77

    You go Ronnie! You scored the winning points with your message! The Truth will always WIN!


  • DCNative

    It's hilarious how you bring up KBC arrest! It made national headlines... I have a friend in Floroda that heard about it. People ate aware he got arrested lol. People keep trying to bring it up as a way to hurt him or "educate" voters, but they already know that. And quite frankly, they have move on. Tom Brown is weak. He is not the alternative. And Streff, Chavous is more than a name you saw him straight up embarrass weak, condescending Tom Brown at Penn Branch! Did KBC not win that debate? Don't lie to the people... Chavous is about to win!

  • PissAsHe77

    @DC Native,
    You are smoking CRACK if you think Ward 7 is voting Kevin into office. Kevin is a joke and so are you!


  • WhoSaidWhat

    Really? What does someone's sexuality have to do with anything. Shameful that was brought up. SHAME.

    On another note, Alexander is a nitwit and a liar. It is time for all three in our ward to go. Alexander, Brown and Gray. Losers...all of them. I don't understand how anyone could support Alexander. Do you venture out of the ward ever? How could you go to other wards and see what's going on and then come back home and feel everything is ok? How is it possible? The ward is dirty, unsafe and riddled with vacant properties and crime. How could you support her?

  • WhoSaidWhat

    I forgot to add, Vote Tom Brown. I believe it was Tony on this board who prompted me to look into Tom Brown. I reveiwed his record, took several chances to speak with him and am truly impressed. This man understands the details of business and can help bring income and subsequently business to our ward. You can't have one without the other, ask Ray's the Steaks. They are barely open because Alexander couldn't bring people into the ward who could patronize them. Danny's has no problem though. SMH. We need to raise the income level in the ward, it's the only way business will come. If our councilmember doesn't understand the basics of business and development we will get more of the same. Get rid of the loser. Vote Tom Brown.

  • fish king

    if yvette hasn't done much, maybe one should look at what others have done......

    less is more, says fish king.

  • http://sharonpaula.davis@lexisnexis.com Truth Prevails

    Seven Seven you really should slow up with chatting to learn more facts and write less hype. I have gone to several forums where Mr. Brown spoke. His consistent message has been that Walmart must be held accountable to making a long term committment to hire and maintaining a high number of Ward 7 and other DC residents as part of their workforce. If not then they should not be allowed to make money from our local residents. Shame on you for making up stories!!

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