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McMillan Historic Preservation Application Drops

The layout.

The Historic Preservation Review Board application for development at the McMillan Sand Filtration Plant replicates a lot of the information in the draft of the one that'll go to the Zoning Commission—there's no more detail on building architecture, just massing sketches—but does have a bit more information about the old stuff that's supposed to stay even as new buildings go up around it.

A citizens group organizing under the slogan "Development Without Demolition" (sound familiar?) has been reinvigorated, and will likely be a presence when the plan goes before the HPRB, which looks like it'll happen before Zoning.

Full application after the jump.

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  • Barrie Daneker

    Oh Lydia here you go again! Please those groups are mostly of people who don't even live in DC. This site is an old industrial site that DC needs to develop into a great urban mixed-use site. We need affordable housing, jobs and services along with some open/green space. This development will go forward without any major issues coming from these crazy, tree hugging wanna bees. The NIMBY's are done...

  • er

    the nimby's may be done, but that doesn't mean that barrie tells the truth. Friends of Mcmillan are out of towners? never parkspace? what compels you to lie barrie?

  • Barrie Daneker

    @ER--- The truth hurts some time but it's the truth.

    1. When there own website carried the list of people who were signing up and commenting on the project a vast portion of those members were not even DC residents...TRUTH!

    2. Never has been a park on the Sand filtration site. Mr. Norman and that Our McMillan or what ever they are calling themselves this week, don't tell you is that on the actually site of the proposed development was never open to the public due to safety concerns since day one! TRUTH!

    3. What compels me to tell the truth is the lies that this group puts out day after day!

    Truth goes a long way!

  • er

    1. so you go from saying "mostly of people who don't even live in DC" to a "vast portion". when you figure out what you are talking about, get back to us.

    2. it was open parkland until WWII. since you repeatedly claim on multiple websites that this was never park space, what is it that convinced you? on what do you base your version of the truth?

  • Barrie Daneker

    1. mostly and vast are very similar in definition. My information is quite accurate. Check Webster's dictionary...let's not attempt to split words here the truth will set you free!

    2. I have relied on historic documents. If you read them you will find that the sand filtration site had pricker bushes all around the site that surrounds 1st, Channing, Michigan and N. Cap where the development is slated for. Those bushes were put there to keep people off the site because of the 100's of manholes on the site. Image someone walking on that site and falling through a manhole 30 feet below grade. Does it make sense to you? Furthermore, the fence went up after WWII, I agree. that's when the playground on 200 block of Bryant St and 1st was closed off; that in deed was a park and playground. But stop misleading the public that when this site was complete and put into operation that anyone other than workers utilized the sand filtration site as a park! Covering a water purification industrial plant with grass doesn't make it a park. IT WAS NEVER PARK SPACE! Enbrace the TRUTH!

  • Barrie Daneker

    FYI here is a link to the Friends of McMillan's so called "world class" architect who even shows a historical picture of he sand site with No Trespassing Sign. Sounds like that means the public wasn't allow on the filtration site. http://archprac.cua.edu/adreswebsite/gusevich-cardiff.pdf

  • Barrie Daneker


    Read here where you find out that the landscaping was put in to keep people off the sand site due to the dangers of the manholes!

  • Dominic


    The most important point that you are missing is that the community does not agree with, and some don't even know about, the current development plan. You worry about outsiders trying to meddle in this issue? Well who are the developers then? They're not residents, or neighbors, or anyone who's area will be affected by this plan.

    The community must have a voice in the development of this site which has great historical significance and deserves an innovative and world class plan for development. The bidding for the development rights was never even opened up. It was handed to EYA, Trammel Crowe, and Jair Lynch. There is so much more potential than just bland, predictable, out of place mixed use development.

    And to address your two (weak) arguments, that the people who are working in the group Friends of McMillan Park (that's what we are calling ourselves) are not DC residents and that McMillan was never a park and thus never should be, are both FALSE.

    I am a member of Friends of McMillan Park, and I live on Rhode Island Ave. NE. Other members of our group live in Bloomingdale, Stronghold, Park Place, Bates, Pleasant Plains, and Brookland. You don't even know the name of the group, much less our membership. We are a group of committed neighbors who wish to see this site used to benefit the community, not tree-hugging nimbys (whatever those are).

    McMillan was in FACT a park. The last link that you provided even confirms this on page 5. There were paths and trees planted and people would go out to "take the air".

    And even if it hadn't been, why not now? The manholes? As though engineers could build such a revolutionary industrial structure 100 years ago but we today can't fix a simple issue like securing manhole covers?

    Let's cancel the current plan and bring in a competitive bidding process that actually talks to the community, and then we can find the best use for this site that can move forward with the blessing of those who live nearby.

    Nix the Henry Potter act, Barrie. What happens here affects you too.


  • Nolan

    I'm also just troubled that DC will be putting $50 million dollars into this project, which does not have community consensus.

    If we're going to drop that kind of coin, shouldn't the project at least be on some major transit line? I'm not anti-development, I'm very much in favor of the 901 Monroe development because it's across the street from metro. Transportation around McMillan and Washington Hospital Center sucks big time and public transit is basically limited to a few buses.

    And, finally, Barrie… you claim that most of the neighbors of the site are in favor of _something_ happening with the site -- that's very true! But that's also like saying 95% of Americans think Congress is lousy. Half those people will then tell you it's the Dems fault and the other half would tell you it's the GOP's fault.

    People in the neighborhood definitely want _something_ there, but that can also mean a park (which, by the by, McMillan was at one time before they put the fences up. That's why there are walking paths and Olmstead freaking designed it. He designed a park.)

  • Matt

    Yes. Just what we need is to spend $50M to destroy green space and a historic landmark and replace it with a wonderful commercial development project. If we're lucky, it could be as successful as navy yard!

    (Yes, I live in Bloomingdale.)

  • er

    i apologize for what seems like an argument of semantics. i have no verification of any particular percentage of people that are part of the Friends of Mcmillan that are out of towners. So i remain unconvinced of your assertion.

    i think you may be assuming that those that said it was park space meant that the public had free access to the entire space. i don't think anyone expects that people had access to the silos or gates referenced in the picture you pointed out. when you say that it was never a park, you are ignoring that the perimeter was indeed accesible to everyone. the extent of accessibility beyond that seems debatable. but you are the one framing that argument and continuously bringing up. the reality is that there are people living today, in the community that want it to be park space. you routinely shut those people down. i hope the truth that you know, shines light on the rudeness of that.

    also, thanks for linking to that plan. i didn't realize that it was marion barry that screwed up the deal.

  • Todd

    It is simple as this: This plan doesn't deserve this site. Do you know how many movies have shot the US capitol from the McMillan site...and where's the public green space on this side of the city? And once it's built this site is gone forever. Give us a better plan and maybe we'll support it. But this one sucks and it doesn't work for the space.

  • Barrie Daneker

    Oh Please Todd...Movies are you kidding me. We can do without that for sure, and if I can only see the Capitol from my house on the third floor one street from the site; then you cannot see it at all from McMillan unless you are on top of a silo. Show me the proof???

    As for the park DC is the 2nd greenest metro city in the US. The only one in the top ten on the east coast. We spend huge dollars on parks in DC and to get 8 acres of park space out of none right now seems to be reasonable.

  • Barrie Daneker

    @Domenic- What you are wrong about is that people in the community do want this project and development. As for locals it seems that Jair Lynch is local, and EYA has done work in the DC are for years that's local to me! If people don't know anything about this development then they are either blind of deaf since it's been going on for 4 years in the latest plan and 30 years since DC got the land.

    Now on to the heart of your note. Friends of McMillan has a ton of support form people who love outside of the Ward and the District it's your group. These folks will not have influence on what we do in DC PEROID! McMillan was NEVER NEVER EVER a PARK on the sand site. If you are talking about the walkway...today that is called a sidewalk and there will be sidewalks on the site along with bushes around the site. So you'll be getting that! You just keep listening to that lair Tony Norman!

    As for the park now. You want the city to spend $60 million on a park that we cannot afford to maintain without some revenue. So spend $60 million to incur a $1million of annual expense with no revenue....not going to happen unless you want your taxes to go up and up to support this park.

    Furthermore, the community has had input over the past 4 years. It did go out for bid and EYA won.

    Furthermore, i am so sick of you ignorant fools saying you have better plans. THEN WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY? you have had 30 years for a plan and you produce nothing, but want everyone to start over...no way!

    I understand it affects everyone and most wnat to see it developed and when they see the plans most agree with the concepts put forth. DIG MCMILLAN DIG!

  • Barrie Daneker

    @ nolan...IT WAS NEVER A PARK!!!!! And to make ti clear most people believe in a multi-use development and not a park only site. And you a dumb ass if you believe Tony there was a walking path....HELLO that's a side walk! Are you as stupid as the rest! Nolan you're brighter than that. It's the sand site not the other side where there was a PARK. you keep listen to that ass Tony Norman and you'll be a silly as he is

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