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Morning Links: Shiny, New

New thingy for homebuyers. [Redfin]

Donald on his new prize. [Post]

Crazy bike thing in Crystal City. [Washcycle]

Two ideas for Pepco Benning Road. [GGW]

More badly spent job training money. [WAMU]

Capper happenings. [JDLand]

Realtors would still like to be able to sell those foreclosed homes. [WSJ]

Neighborhoods get wealthier when the poor leave. [Examiner]

A strike against residency requirements for homeless services. [NYT]

The National Cathedral still needs some dough. [PoP]

Today on the market: Georgetown gem.

  • John

    Lydia, your bias is showing. "A strike against residency requirements for homeless services." is facually inaccurate if you read the article. In fact, the merits or flaws of the policy were not as issue in the decision to reverse. It was a decision solely on violation of legal process (too short a time window) in putting the rule in place. A "we invite the entire US homeless population to stay here free on the NYC taxpayer" policy would fail if placed this way as well.

    The decision means the exact same policy could be put back using normal process. An accurate blurb might read:

    "A legal process decision against a new NYC homeless policy"