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Miller Boys Set Sights on 14th Street [CLARIFICATION]

Your new favorite place?

It's been a while since we heard from Ben and Dan Miller, the guys behind the buzziest real estate-related social media tool of last year, and possibly ever. They're biding their time with their new building on H Street, which has been gradually gathering commentary on Popularise, and still trying to figure out a new location for the Autozone that's still sitting on land that might otherwise get developed quick.

Logan Circle, though, is closest to their hearts—the brothers both live around the 14th Street corridor. Ben came by an Advisory Neighborhood Commission committee meeting last night to say they were working on something special: A version of Popularise for an entire commercial strip, a commissioner in the room tells me, and potentially a deal with the Lustine Realty building at the southeast corner of 14th and Rhode Island Avenue NW.*

Ben won't tell me more than that, but says they plan to roll out their plans for 14th Street in a few weeks.

* CLARIFICATION, Friday, 4:55 p.m.: Gary Lustine calls to say that his building is not for sale—he had simply talked to the Miller brothers about finding a tenant for the building's top two floors.

  • john dollop

    Are they getting ownership of anything?

  • RT

    Lustine Realty can go. Office space, esp. real estate office, is a waste of good ground floor retail. Especially corner retail.

  • Dim

    Nice scoop; I'd love to see that building put to better use!

  • RT

    I'm not sure what entire commercial strip on 14th is unspoken for, btw. Other than the Abdo office and the soon-to-be-gone pawn shop, there aren't many opportunities available. The still-open Fish Market at 14th and P that can't be long for this world? Maybe the Lalibela, Yum's, and Playbill?

  • So what?

    "buzziest real estate-related social media tool of last year, and possibly ever. "

    Its such a stupid idea. Have you ever listened to what people at community meetings tell developers what they want to see? A nice little bakery, a independent bookshop. They sound great, but the reason you can't find them for the most part is they aren't economically viable. People here (by and large) don't go to the bakery every day for a loaf of bread, they go maybe on Sunday. They might browse a bookstore, and maybe buy one, but mostly use Amazon. These guys are going to lose a bunch of their dad's money.

  • qas

    so what?

    the most common things i've heard at community meetings regarding what people want are
    1. Bus Boys and Poets
    2. some type of fancy grocery store
    3. "a sit-dow" restaurant"

    i haven't heard people mentioning an independant bookstore in a really long time. every so often i hear people mention bakeries, but it's pretty rare.

    where do you live or go to meetings that people want that?

  • Haja

    I live in one of Gary Lustine's building on 1300 constitution ave.

    Mr. Lustine is a slum lord.