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Morning Links: Big Deals

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Today on the market: Spectacular four-bedroom.

  • anon

    Alpert angry at the mayor he helped elect with one of the more puzzling, wrong-headed endorsements of all time. Hilarious.

    (Posting this comment here because if you remind Alpert whom he endorsed in GGW comments section, he deletes it.)

  • freely


    I guess I am not the only one.

    David Alpert, in either a bid to curry favor or influence with a new administration endorsed Gray on his Blog prior to the election, and his followers did just as he asked and voted for him.

    Gray has never been a "smart growther" or an "urbanist" and despite all the evidence to the contrary, Alpert endorsed him.

    Now he has the hutzpah to be shocked, and angry when Gray doesn't follow the GGW code, which he hasn't done at all as Gray has been the complete anti-urbanist since his election (and all of his life for that matter).


    But don't say it on his blog as his constantly changing "posting policy" won't allow it. No...as my post yesterday indicated, reminding him of his wayward wishes is not to be tolerated. Nope, his blog is his person echo chamber, nothing more.

    My removed 15 word posting, verbatim :

    "Makes that "Have faith in our ideas and vote Gray" endorsement more comical by the day."

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    freely: I'd challenge you to provide evidence that David's "followers" voted for Gray.

    There were three endorsement posts on the blog, two for Fenty, one for Gray. I know most of the contributors (I'm one myself), and the vast majority who live in the city (many live outside DC) voted for Fenty.

    I'm in agreement with you that the endorsement wasn't great, but if you think it had enough influence to help get Gray over the top, I think you're kidding yourself. (Conversely, do you think if the endorsements on the blog went 3 for 3 for Fenty, he would have won? I highly, highly, HIGHLY doubt it.)

  • anon

    Yeah, I doubt the GGW disciples voted en masse for Gray because of Alpert's endorsement.


    freely's point about the GGW comment policy is valid. Alpert seems to modify it only to suppress the views of people who disagree with his positions. It just makes him look incredibly thin-skinned.

    Alpert also gives a LOT of latitude to commenters who toe the pro-urbanist, pro-cyclist line, yet regularly violate the supposed comment policy with constant name-calling, advocating criminality or anti-social behavrio, etc. (See: oboe).

  • Freely


    I never said Alperts votes had anything to do with it. In fact I doubt his endorsement rounded up more than 100 votes.

    No, the point is, his vote for Gray had nothing to do with urbanism policies. Grays history is decades long in DC, and he was clearly not the urbanist option, especially in light of the proven urbanist policies of Fenty. Alpert waited until the last minute in the election then picked the obvious winner for what can only be in hopes of continued "access".

    But Grays administration has predictably gone against the GGW grain at every juncture and he has less perceived access than ever before.

    The entire point is Alpert being upset is hilarious considering he so completely endorsed him. He got exactly what he voted for. It's time he "own" his vote and admit it was wrong.

    And yes, his posting policy is at best "fluid". His blog went from credible medium for important issues to his personal echo chamber. That's too bad. His blog could have been so much more

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    Freely: Ah, ok then. Can you direct me to the website or blog that you feel is a better medium to discuss urbanist issues in DC now that GGW lacks credibility?

  • Remote

    Condos (the uglier the better), apps, bikes, cabi, metro funding, density, nimbyism (oops, I mean "anti neighbor").

    Oh, and throw in a great big (male) cat fight.


    There's your great 'urbanist' blog boiled down to a nutshell.


  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    Remote: Ooooh, sounds promising. Where can I find this good time?