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Small Hotel Could Become Bigger Hotel on New York Avenue NE

(BBGM Architects)

Since 1971, 501 New York Avenue NE has been occupied by a dumpy, 78-room Quality Inn. It fit the side-of-the-highway surroundings, and was also pretty much the only thing allowed by the zoning, which provides for low-density commercial and industrial uses.

Now, a new developer wants to make better use of the spot: Greenbelt-based Baywood Hotels is proposing an eight-story, 216-room Homewood Suites, which would have both conventional rooms by the night as well as extended-stay options. The proposal, which would require an upzoning, takes advantage of development in the works for nearby Union Market, and springboards off the success of other new-ish hotels further east on New York Avenue.

And Baywood is looking for more. Fueled by tremendous optimism in the D.C. hotel market, the application says the company is "aggressively pursuing" three other hotel locations in other parts of the city.

The Zoning Commission wasn't terribly impressed by the quality of the architecture when they set the project down for a public hearing last night—Commissioner Konrad Schlater called the siding materials "not the nicest"—but it's certainly an improvement over what's there.

  • poo poo

    what a deal! they can roll off the bed, down the hill, and into a boatload of knock off louis vuitton bags! ...or one of those transvestite hookers that hang out behind the gas station...

  • Mrs. D

    Well, if we're left with some head-scratching over siding materials, I say "right-on!" This particular hotel is actually MUCH more convenient to public transit than most of the NY Ave. options. It's really not far to the NY Ave Metro, and once the market and other surrounding areas are re-developed, I think it will be a hit for travelers on a smaller budget. It would be nice if they could make the building *obviously* connect to the smaller back streets around there that would lead guests more comfortably (and quickly) to the NY Ave. Metro. In the meantime, a quick shuttle should be able to accommodate guests' transit needs while minimizing the number of people who feel like they need to drive to the sights.

    Also, not sure if this is my browser or your site or some funky combination. But when I click-through to the story, the font becomes Comic Sans. Some kind of evil joke?

  • DrewCourt

    I'm with Mrs. D. Would be good if it was built so people could (eventually) walk south, through Union Market.

  • Bob Gross

    Uggggly! Certainly the developer can come up with a better design than that.

  • Mrs. D

    Drew, the remotely adventurous set could do so now. I regularly play ball and Brentwood Field, and walk to/from the NY AvE

  • Mrs. D

    Damn my screwy keyboard...I walk to/from the NY Ave. Metro to the field (which is in approximately the same location). I never feel unsafe and there are plenty of marked and regarded crosswalks in the area. Sure, things will be even better with the new development, but they're fine now for people who aren't afraid of their own shadow.

  • http://kevinjosephwood@aol.com kevintherealtor

    It can only improve the area...