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The Red and the Black: AdMo Hotel Changes Again!

Put this one down for the District's biggest architectural chameleon: The proposed Adams Morgan Hotel, which submitted its zoning application back in July, has just come out with yet another design, after a jet-black version in November didn't exactly meet with rave reviews. The developers' explanation:

Color changes and the glass façade at the corner of Euclid & Champlain Streets will accentuate the Church Building and incorporate a striking Addition while maintaining the consistency of Adams Morgan architecture, especially as the Addition steps down along Champlain Street. Some original components of the Addition’s façade have been changed to complement the surrounding vernacular and rationalize the scale of the Addition (making it look smaller in height), especially with a recessed top floor. The color and texture of the substantial majority of the Addition’s brick façade was changed to reflect feedback from members of the community. The Adams Morgan Historic Hotel will still be Washington’s only truly green hotel, exceeding LEED Silver certification criteria.

Not sure if that'll mollify the Office of Planning's concerns that the building's still just too big. A full set of renderings after the jump.
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  • Tex

    Looks awesome!

  • Johnny

    I still liked the first design the best but this is an improvement over the "all black everything" design. Really at this point people need to pipe down and get on board. My concern is that this project will lose steam after all the back and forth. It looks great. It's a boon for the neighborhood. Let's do this.

  • S

    I agree with Johnny. We need to stop allowing these ANC members and "no more development" neighbors from stalling this project. DC deserves some boutique, chic hotels. This will be a boon for our neighborhood's image and will even out the ratio of bars/restaurants to other forms of business. We should learn from what NIMBYs in other neighborhoods have caused. If we lose this development opportunity, we may also end up with a unfriendly foreign embassy who builds a parking lot or to Pepco for a unsightly power station.


    I actually think this is the best looking design of the three that we've seen when you scroll through all of the renderings. I concur with Johnny and S that the NIMBYs had better stop while they're ahead. There has got to be some kind of mechanism for balance put into place in this city so that a small group of backward thinking people can not keep mucking up the development pipeline around here. If you look at economic forecasts for the region, it's not likely you're going to have developers falling all over themselves to please a few small-minded, meddling nuisances forever...

  • Peter

    I agree this is the best looking design of the three. The plans keep getting better and better, these are the best plans yet, the city needs to get this project to construction already, before the developer gives up, this project is a job creator for years to come. The project has been through enough ANC meetings, let this be the LAST TIME THE developers HAVE TO CHANGE THE PLANS> Hotels create construction jobs and long term jobs for the community. The plans are great! get the hotel built!

  • Get the hotel built!

    Like the other posters here, I couldn't agree more -- the new design is great but more importantly I want this project built. It will make Adams Morgan more than just a bar scene. Let's get this hotel built!

  • D

    Build it. Employ the construction workers, employ the hotel staff, bring in millions in lodging tax revenue, and improve the amenities in Adams Morgan. Don't let the paranoid nimbys slow you. Work with the OP to make it happen.

  • Uh

    I'm all for the hotel but this anti NIMBY talk is a joke. If there were no checks to development the whole area would long ago have been leveled and turned into a brutalist slum.

  • Champlain

    The NIMBY name-calling is B.S. and likely being tossed around by those who don't live within 3 blocks of the proposed site. I live on Champlain St. The street is very narrow. It can barely handle weekend bar traffic let alone be the road for the sole commercial entrance/exit of a 220 room hotel with banquet facilities. The same applies to that area of Euclid St. I'm not complaining about the bars - they've always been a part of the neighborhood. But a large hotel (this is not a boutique) is going to have daily negative consequences for those living within 4 block area east of 18th and south of Columbia. To summarily dismiss and personally attack people who want to protect their investments is breathtaking and terrible.

    I'm not for the hotel. I moved to Adams Morgan because it is Adams Morgan and because it is not a hotel/tourist area like Gallery Place/Chinatown. Why is it hard for some of you to at least understand the concerns? You may disagree, and that's fair. But classifying everyone who disagrees with you as NIMBY or "small-minded, meddling nuisances"? Who the heck are you? Some of you are acting as if this project is the last and only chance to ever develop the site. Talk about small mindedness.

  • http://www.dcfeedback.com/surveys/admohotel Eric G.

    The plans have changed to address the comments of the Office of Planning and DC Zoning Commission -- the planning professionals.

    The problem is... these planning professionals have asked that the proposed building be lowered two to three floors. The developers latest design show a height reduction of two feet.

    Leave your feedback at this website >>

  • ybd

    Let this be built! I'm so tired of myopic NIMBYs on power trips. This is our community's best opportunity to address a blighted building.