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DDOT Picks New Guy to Head Up Streetcar, Bikeshare, Circulator

From Jackson's LinkedIn profile.

Since former streetcar czar Scott Kubly left for greener pastures (and his old boss) in Chicago, the District's snazzy red transit innovations—Bikeshare, the Circulator, the streetcar—have been under interim management. The head of the appropriately-named Progressive Transportation Services Administration is an important pick, since these transit systems are relatively new and rapidly evolving, and the District Department of Transportation announced today that it had passed over interim PTSA director Aaron Overman for a total outsider: Carl Jackson, who most recently served as head of the city of Greenville, South Carolina's transportation agency. Here's DDOT's blurb:

Prior to moving to Greenville, Mr. Jackson served as the General Manager and Chief Executive Officer for the Macon Transit Authority in Macon, Georgia, managing $500 million in fixed assets for the city’s transportation and paratransit system; the General Manager and Chief Operating Officer for Connex North America; General Manager of the Transit Operations Control Center in Chicago, IL; and Transportation Manager for the Long Island Railroad in Jamaica, NY.

He holds a B.S. in Management from Adelphi University, an M.A. and Advanced Graduate Certificate in Labor Relations/Management Studies from Stony Brook University, and an M.B.A. from Long Island University.

Let's interview him in a few weeks, shall we?

  • http://blogs.forbes.com/stephensmith/ Stephen Smith

    Shame he's at DDOT and not WMATA – DDOT may be the only transit agency I can think of that actually doesn't have incredibly inefficient labor/management relations.

  • CapitalTruck

    I sure hope this wasn't some kind of insider-job pick. That guy looks like he's been around for quite some time in the business. Hopefully this is a good thing and not bad. I kind of envisioned a younger guy for this role.

  • Randall M.

    His transit record looks okay but he needs to see how effective (or ineffective) transit is throughout the District, especially in Ward's 7 and 8. That means actually using bikes, metro, and walking.

  • Joe

    Great! Bring in some more folks from SC to show DC how to manage our most innovative transit systems.

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  • Jason

    Did we hire the right Carl Jackson? Google search reveals a gentleman from Seattle who seems to know quite a bit about how to make streetcars work:


    I certainly hope for this nascent system's sake that we did hire the right one.