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It’s Really Happening: Shops at Dakota Crossing Breaks Ground Thursday

It's taken since the 1970s, with many promises of construction being totally just around the corner now, but the day is finally here: The Shops at Dakota Crossing, a none-too-pretty suburban-style retail development that will nonetheless bring Costco and other retail to an underserved corner of the city, breaks ground on Thursday.

The developers officially bought the land with the aid of a $46.5 million construction loan last month, after having obtained the necessary environmental permits. But unless they're planning a big announcement at the groundbreaking, they're still moving forward with more than half the development's 430,000 square feet unspoken for, with Shoppers still uncommitted and Target out of the deal.

The ceremony takes place at 11:00 a.m. at 33rd Street and Fort Lincoln Drive NE.

  • Skipper

    Too bad Harry Thomas Jr, convicted felon, won't be there to claim credit for it.

  • deedle

    About 10 years ago, WCP had a broke DC issue with a cover photo of the this site as the exit ramp to nowhere. At least now there's a store there.

  • 321

    what's the purpose of a ground breaking ceremony?

  • bsquared

    I hope they put a sports gym in the center!

  • ksuave

    I'd much rather see a Harris Teeter Grocery Store or Whole Foods over Shoppers Food Warehouse any day! I'm sorry but Shoppers does not provide the customer service, quality food and/or cleanliness as Harris Teeter or Whole Foods. Shoppers in Potomac Yards, VA is their model store but others don't compare. Every Harris Teeter or Whole Foods has the same quality customers come to expect!

  • Dave

    GREAT..glad this is happening -- but did anyone at DC Government (especially DDOT) knows there's a traffic back up on South Dakota every day getting on Rt. 50 West?????

    And there's no way for us coming in and need to head back on Rt. 50 East -- from reading, looks like we have to drive down V Street to Blandenburg and get back on New York Ave?

    I'm for this Costco (and hopefully Target) -- but we need traffic study and fix it NOW before the store(s)open.

  • 619

    Dave I totally agree with your statement traffic is going to be a nightmare, however if you look at the physical development it looks as if there will be additional entry points once they clear the trees so hopefully that will help or else we will be very annoyed residence.

    I also agree with the statment as to the quality of the grocery stories. It puzzles me as to why shoppers wants to put a store there when they already have a location down the street. I would love to see a Harris Teeter or Whole Foods this will make the shops a good contender and the ppl will come instead of us having to treck all the way to NW or outside of DC for quality stores.

  • PRP

    I agree with bsquared, We need a gym!! Please!!