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Gray Nominates Newbie to Board of Zoning Adjustment

Board of Zoning Adjustment chairwoman Meridith Moldenhauer's term expired a few months ago, and Mayor Vince Gray just came up with a replacement, according to a source [UPDATE: And confirmed by the Office on Boards and Commissions]: Rashida MacMurray, currently a manager at Deloitte and most recently an associate attorney at the local real estate law powerhouse Holland & Knight. According to a 2010 profile in DiversityInc magazine, she "provides construction advisory services to federal government agencies in Washington D.C.," and is president of the company's Black Employee Network in the region.

Do you care? Probably not. MacMurray's not Lloyd Jordan notable (or at least doesn't seem to be). But BZA members do decide whether or not strip clubs get built in your neighborhood, not to mention whether you can build an addition on your house, so it's important to see how she turns out.

Photo from DiversityInc Magazine.

  • StrangeFruit

    @ Lydia,

    Please explain how a practicing real estate attorney would be considered a novice to zoning matters?

    Your conclusion about MacMurray would be like me asserting that since you are a renter (you stated that several months ago) you have NO business writing WCP's Housing Complex section and blog.

  • huh?

    Where does in this article is the assertion that MacMurray is a novice to zoning issues?

  • Joe

    gray likes to appoint people with little experience. look at the contract appeals board.

  • TM

    Actually I do care because H&K is basically the go-to firm for DC developers. Since she has left them, there won't be a de jure conflict of interest, but that doesn't mean there won't be a de facto one. Will she recuse herself for all H&K clients? If so, she'll be missing a whole lot of significant decisions. If not, then that's even more troubling.

  • Lydia DePillis


    I didn't use "newbie" to mean "novice," simply new to the Board.


    Sure, but then we'd have to boot lots of people on the BZA and Zoning Commission, including Nicole Sorg (who works for an architecture firm that probably competes with lots of those that come before her) and Konrad Schlater (who works for W.C. Smith, same deal). I don't know where the recusal bar should be set, but at that level, conflicts are going to be hard to avoid for *anyone* in the development field.