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What Tourists, Business Travelers, and Basic Cable Watchers Know About Adams Morgan

The other day, a Housing Complex tipster was watching Law & Order reruns on TNT, and took note of some local advertising: A two-minute-long PSA for Adams Morgan, complete with low, pulsing techno music. The Adams Morgan Business Improvement District had it filmed in January of last year and has since run it on arrival kiosks at Reagan and Dulles Airports, and just signed a contract for it to run as an in-flight video on Virgin Airlines.

You'll see a lot of familiar faces belonging to people who don't get along with each other well at all, including Madams Organ's Bill Duggan, with the inexplicable comment: "We know how to put the F in Fun." You sure do, Adams Morgan!

  • Ward One Resident

    I love how all they do is talk about diversity and yet with the exception of two people, everyone who talks in this spot it white. And in the shorter version which is shown on TV, everyone who talks is white. Good times.

  • Mx

    They must have taken all that stock footage of the street a long time ago...

  • Admomaven

    Knowlera Media was on site and took all the video footage in November and December 2010.

  • Keith

    What no mentions of the lack of parking, rats, swarms of teenagers breaking curfew, drunken brawls on the streets and side walks?

    I kid, I kid (but not really)!

  • DC Native

    I've got news for you Ward One Resident... "White" people includes a tremendous amount of diversity of age, sexual orientation, political persuasion, economics, religion, region of origin, language, food, etc. You can have 10 "white" people in a room that have NOTHING in common. You wouldn't like it if "white" people said that all black people were the same, so don't do it to them. Open your mind.

  • Richard

    The Metro is NOT two or three blocks away.

  • GoodThoughts

    Good point, Ward One. That was a pretty long video about Adams Morgan to not have the voices of Latinos and Blacks included. Probably more as a result of thoughtless editing than intended harm. But nonetheless the visual is "Come *observe* people of different colors." The video is not speaking to people of color -- it is talking about them as tourist candy.

  • dave b

    1) couldnt they have stuck with the footage of that chick dancing at 1:23 a little longer

    2) i think the chick from meeps was in landry's band "crucifictorious" in friday night lights

  • http://newcolumbiaheights.blogspot.com Andrew

    Ha, yeah, those are two or three very long blocks. I also like how they mention jumbo slice like it's an attraction. But still, the video is pretty good.