Housing Complex

Morning Links: Beep…Beep…Beep

Commercial office market flatlines. [CityBizList]

And the apartment market is getting there. [Urbanturf]

City decides to enforce the law. [Examiner]

D.C. Guest House takes a bow. [Curbed]

Hellooooo new Post real estate blog. [WhereWeLive]

Buyers better beware even more than before! [Urbanturf]

Brookland round house up for landmarking. [PoP]

New York City transit depends on the feds: True here too. [CityLimits]

Everything doing in transit around the country. [TransportPolitic]

But Kent, can't people live in smaller spaces with children and without cars? [ParkViewDC]

Today on the market: Thanks for looking!

  • Punk houses: Kinda fun, cheap

    Out of curiosity about the density and multi-family dwellings in houses things, how does turning a house into multiple units affect rent for people who fall into the demographic of young, broke, and cramming into group houses?

  • JS

    Punk Houses: this is just my personal experience, but the rent for my 1-BR in a converted row house is at least $500 less than the rent for a 1-BR in the new apartment building at the end of my street. I moved into my neighborhood in October, so these are recent prices.