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Ace to H Street? Could Be, Yeah

From the days of being open. That would be a large hardware store.

Somebody told Prince of Petworth that Ace Hardware was negotiating a lease for space 7th and H Street NE, where Fashion One closed recently. In D.C., that could pretty much be only one person: Gina Schaefer, who's started stores in Logan Circle, Takoma Park, Tenleytown, Glover Park, and Mount Vernon Triangle (although independent stores have also cropped up in Mt. Pleasant and Petworth). Reached by email, she confirms that she's been looking around H Street—who isn't, really?—but hasn't settled on a spot.

That might be the death knell for Park's Hardware two blocks away, which is still open every day but Sunday, but doesn't seem to have much business. Schaefer is a smart operator: She looks for neighborhoods with lots of old houses that need lots of maintenance and makes sure each store is individually branded for the neighborhood, while enjoying the nationwide buying power of the Ace network.

Still, I doubt she'd take the whole Fashion One space, which is huge—it's likely part of some larger development in the works.

  • dave b

    Park's is OK but really not as full service as ACE would be. I also wonder how much of Park's sales is hardware. They sell lots of inexpensive hardware like tape and mousetraps. I think their higher dollar, revenue generating items, like cell phones and swords, aren't "hardware".

  • Lydia DePillis

    @dave b

    They sell swords??

  • dave b

    i believe i saw samurai swords behind the counter. maybe something else was in the sheath. maybe it wasnt for sale...

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  • http://urbanplacesandspaces.blogspot.com Richard Layman

    Interestingly, for a long time I've thought this building would be a good candidate for a reconstruction from the ground up, adding a couple floors.

  • http://frozentropics.blogspot.com/ elise

    Not sure about swords, but a friend of mine bought a machete there for yard clearing/cutting through some tough weeds/ropes. They have a lot of stuff hiding back there. Over the years I've bought:
    a circular saw;
    cleaning products (including TSP);
    lots of screws/nails;
    door locks;
    potting soil;
    a rake;

    They don't have everything, but they are pretty helpful for certain things.

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    LOVE the title ;)