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Morning Links: And We’re Back!

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Should the U.S. drop its capital gains tax on foreign real estate transactions? [GlobeSt]

Vince Orange apologizes for boneheaded parking job. [PoP]

Someone wants to raze some buildings on the 1400 block of H Street NE. [H-DC]

Your chances of actually getting a solar rebate. [SolarDC]

So that's what that weeks-long Champlain Street blockage was. [Post]

The housing, we can't afford it. [Post]

Step by step: Restoring Lionel Lofts. [PreservationNation]

2012 will be a world of pain for Metro riders. [Examiner]

Today on the market: Did I mention this is the International Year of the Cooperative?

  • Campy

    I'm guessing that raze permit has a typo on the address?

    "402,1404,1406 H Street NE"

    402 H Street NE is a super cool building that I wouldn't want to see go down: http://g.co/maps/uw3rt

    I'm guessing it's supposed to be 1402 H NE, which makes sense in that the owner would want to clear that whole mini triangle block.