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Morning Links: Catering

Another social service for Anacostia. [CHotR]

Building a dorm for deaf people. [Curbed]

Free money for jobs! [DCFPI]

AvalonBay brands for cities, suburbs. [WSJ]

All the solar on Sheridan Station. [BusinessWire]

Eastbanc picks up Old Georgetown Post Office. [Post]

Budget wiggle room soon, but not for long. [WBJ]

Cheh wins for best Council Christmas gift. [DCist]

Bellamy rebuts WABA. To be fair: Shouldn't planning for 2011's bike lanes have happened in 2010? [DeBonis]

Today on the market: Penthouse power perch.

  • Hillman

    Hard for me to feel sorry for East of the River folks when it comes to social service agency saturation. By and large these residents voted overwhelmingly for Marion Barry and Vincent Gray, voting for the status quo on social services as the ultimate make work program and dispenser of city tax dollars.

    Votes have consequences.

  • 321

    do be so pissy. people like CHoTR are trying to change that.