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901 Monroe Street Wins Over Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association By a Whisker

The lovely mixed-use project at 901 Monroe Street NE in Brookland that has been downsized at the Zoning Commission, faced crazy ranting from neighbors, and had an historic landmark application launched against it is finally coming to community votes. Up tonight was the Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association, and according to the twitters, came out on top in a 51-49 vote (yes, apparently there were exactly 100 paid-up members present).

The vote had been the subject of lobbying by both sides, with the development team sending out emails today encouraging people to support the project at tonight's meeting, and opposed community members doing the same on neighborhood listservs. The bigger vote comes on Jan. 4, when the Advisory Neighborhood Commission weighs in; they're the ones that the Zoning Commission has to at least listen to before dismissing.

Photo illustration courtesy 901Monroe.com

  • Anon

    Anyone notice a striking similarity to the Whitman Condo on 9th and M? Are architects just reusing the same designs and slapping a different name on the building? What is wrong with this city? God forbid we have some architectural ingenuity. Kill the height limit folks. Its a draconian law that does nothing other than to restrict the progress of the city. Oh wait, we can't even vote. Yup, we're in the stone age alright.

  • GoodforBrookland

    The 901 Monroe Street development is a great development for Brookland. It's a well-designed building that will turn a series of lots that now constitute a parking lot that holds water after it rains, an overgrown bamboo plot, a deteriorating house, and an empty lot into a mixed-use link between the Catholic U development west of the Metro tracks and the currently struggling 12th street commercial corridor.

    I live two blocks from this development, in the directly impacted ANC, and can not wait for it to get started. Great for transit oriented development and great for Brookland.

  • DCHeretic

    Residents of Brookland and the surrounding neighborhoods have waited years for development that will bring retail and dining to their section of the city. Brookland is finally getting the development that it needs and deserves. I support the 901 Monroe Street project and have written to the Zoning Commission to encourage their approval.

  • BetterBrookland

    This is a beautiful and much needed development. The 901 Monroe Street development group has done everything asked of them and more. I live two blocks away and can't wait for this development to come. I'm hoping for a neighborhood bakery next.