Housing Complex

An Elegant Addition to Mt. Vernon Square

From K Street. (Shalom Baranes)

Back in January, we heard that Douglas Development had finally found a way to move forward with two big parcels in Mt. Vernon Square currently filled with little, unimpressive buildings. The Association of American Medical Colleges took the whole block at 7th and K Street NW, and now, designs are working their way through the approvals process. I think the triangular stack with a huge elevated lobby and retail on the ground floor is pretty striking, especially when you consider that Douglas will be moving several historic structures across the street to make way for it. More views after the jump.

From New York Avenue.

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    wish the part of the building that fronts on mt. vernon square would interact with the space more. there's no opening there, half of it is a solid wall with the organization's name on it.

    open it up!

  • j newcomb

    stiking building, but that platform/bench along mt vernon square will become an outdoor dorm with accompanying trash

  • j newcomb

    according to your map, this site, if it is between k and mass, on 7th, is south of the historic district

  • tim

    Yeah, I agree with the comments. Nice building, but those setbacks generally don't work very well in DC. They are almost always underutilized and just exaggerate how little foot traffic most of DT DC has afterhours.

  • brian

    does the site reach all the way to 6th street? construction fences going up now indicate that it does.