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Michael Brown: Statehood Campaign Not a Front For Reelection

At yesterday's launch of the Statehood D.C. branding campaign, if you'd clicked on the "learn more" button on the new StatehoodDC.com site, you would have been directed to the web page of a single councilmember: Michael A. Brown. It seemed...convenient...that a campaign for self-determination would be so closely identified with a politician who happens to be running for reelection. It's not his campaign website, sure, but the traffic sure wouldn't hurt.

Well, according to Brown aides, that wasn't the intention at all: He's just the one taking the lead on the initiative, and all the website planning is being done by his staff, since his Committee on Housing and Workforce Development retained jurisdiction over statehood advocacy. While the bus advertisements, t-shirts, calendars, and other campaign schwag are being paid for with a $50,000 allocation from the Council, his office funds are paying for the web hosting.

"If somebody else wants to pay to host another domain for us, we can have that conversation, but this is under our purview," said Brown chief of staff Amy Bellanca.

Still, they're taking measures to play down the connection. Brown's communications director called later to say that there had been much more Michael Brown stuff on the statehood site before its formal unveiling, and that their web designer was working on divorcing the two sites even further.

But Michael Brown would still like you to know that he's on this statehood business. Cast your vote accordingly.

  • Skipper

    Michael Brown is not subtle about his ambitions or his blatant use of this issue for self-promotion.

    Of course, when you have barely any legislative accomplishments, you make the most of whatever you can.

    Maybe he can have some iGaming links from the DC Statehood page: Place your bets on if and when DC Statehood will ever occur. I'm sure you can get some pretty good odds by the bookies.

  • Southeast Ken

    Michael Brown is a shame. I will not be voting for this guy in 2012.

  • Southeast Ken

    I meant to say, Michael Brown is a sham.

  • Hillman

    Wow. This is indeed an impressive waste of taxpayer money.

    I didn't realize we pay Brown's staff to pursue this.

    I thought we paid them to do constituent services.

  • Southeast Ken

    Excellent point, Hillman.

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    Not to mention that the projection they used for the DC map there is terrible cartographically.