Housing Complex

McPherson Square, Occupied

Legend: Green = Trees, Teal = Housing, Brown = Communal Tents

As I describe in this week's column, Occupy DC has developed its own inner urban geography. Using my incredibly primitive Paint skillz, the above is an attempt at a very approximate cartographic representation. It's probably already out of date, actually; the lay of the land changes every day.

  • RV

    Oh good, a hippie commune in the middle of DC. THAT'S what we were lacking.

  • GO

    We sure aren't lacking sarcastic, do nothings.

  • JW

    I wonder how the sock exchange works?

  • Riz

    Sock exchange is just that - give your old socks for cleaning etc, get clean dry ones. It only works tho if the sock guy gets the clean ones back after a while...

  • SheilaG

    Your article on the "Housing Complex" for the OWS Protestors is one of the best summaries of the Zeitgeist developing around this movement. TY for your insights, particularly wrt the more "amorphous" aspects of the Occupation.

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