Housing Complex

Walter Reed’s Oldest Building Up For Grabs

A pretty special HQ. (DMPED)

Now that Walter Reed has closed—and nearby businesses are suffering from drastically reduced traffic—the city is grinding through the process to craft a new reuse plan for the site. The local redevelopment authority is re-soliciting notices of interest from homeless providers and government agencies, reserving the right to stick with its original choices (or not). But it's treating the most iconic piece of the campus—the century-old brick edifice known simply as "Building 1"—separately from the rest. Last month, the city issued a "request for ideas," calling out nonprofit, educational, and corporate entities to come up with ways to reuse the nearly 400,000 square foot building. (The hulking hospital behind it, by contrast, will most likely be demolished). Responses are due on October 18.

  • http://newcolumbiaheights.blogspot.com Andrew

    Some part of UDC?

  • http://newcolumbiaheights.blogspot.com Andrew

    Or super kooky DC United stadium!!!

  • W

    Velodrome in that traffic circle to the upper right.

  • Charlie

    A bus barn?

  • S

    Charlie - You can keep your neighborhood bus barn - we don't really want it. Thanks though

  • Ben

    Question: what is taking them so long to do this? It's not as if the closing of Walter Reed was a surprise to the District that sprung out of nowhere--this has been known for years. I understand that these things take time, but I cannot understand why, after the government has packed up the boxes and moved out, we still have no idea who will be living in the house.