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Sale Watch: Nat Gandhi Trades Up

Nat's new digs.

For at least the last eight years, the District's Chief Financial Officer Natwar Gandhi has had a characteristically austere living situation: A small unit in a 1960s-era condo building tucked into Soapstone Valley Park, a block from the Van Ness-UDC metro station. The son of a grocer bought it for $215,000 in 2003, and according to Trulia, it's only about 575 square feet.

Time for an upgrade, apparently. On September 9, he bought a 5th-floor, 2-bedroom, 1,542-square-foot condo in the tony Chase Point building at 4301 Military Road NW for $1.31 million. This one is also right off a red line stop, but is about 50 years newer, built by PN Hoffman in 2007.

According to a spokeswoman, Gandhi plans to use it as his primary residence.*

* Corrected from an earlier version referring to Gandhi's wife, who is deceased.

  • Skipper

    So Gandhi buys a place that's right at the border with Maryland? Nice. Clearly he needs an escape route for when all his dirty laundry is finally exposed.

  • CountDeMonay

    1.3 Million? 10% of dc residents are out of work, yet this corrupt clown buys a 1.3 million dollar condo? DC RESIDENTS - HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MINDS? Why isn't anyone questioning this?

    what a bunch of lemmings.

  • ColorMeSkeptical

    Cut the guy some slack. He is CFO of the city, has probably pulled down a low to mid-six figure income for the last 10 years, and was apparently living in a shoebox apartment for the last 8 years. He probably could have afforded a $3m house off of Foxhall.

  • stinkinthinkin

    I thought Gandi type Indians lived on reservations.

  • Marciela

    I'm with Skipper on this one. The feds need to look at Nat "Yeah, Why Not" Gandhi too. He appears too good at not knowing how the city is robbed of money right under his nose. His errant ways were caught on tape too.

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