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Jair Lynch Gets Himself a Piece of H Street NE

The southern side of the 600 block of H Street NE is one of the strip's most blighted stretches: A set of boring brick office buildings mostly leased to District agencies, with little in the way of retail on the ground floor. Back in 2005, H Street Ventures LLC bought the whole property (roughly outlined in red above) for $42 million, and got a nine-story mixed-use building plan through the Board of Zoning Adjustment, with substantial community support. This May, the BZA rubber stamped a two-year extension on the zoning approval, satisfied that the owners just couldn't get the financing to move forward.

This month brings a big sign of hope, however. On the 12th, "645 H ST NE OFFICE PJV LLC JAIR LYNCH DEVELOPMENT PARTNER" bought the whole shebang for a cool $51.5 million. U Street NW-headquartered Jair Lynch Development Partners prides itself on quality neighborhood development, and has access to the capital you need for these kinds of things. At the moment, they're working on the Paul Laurence Dunbar apartments on U Street, as well as the McMillan Sand Filtration Site. This would be the developer's first buy on H Street.

Things are still a bit up in the air, though. "We're looking at a lot of different things," says the company's Chris Woods, declining to comment further.

It's just one of a bunch of big moves on H Street lately, with a deal for Murry's in the works, H Street Connection ready to go, and the Autozone site and 1350 Maryland spoken for.

  • dave b

    If the south side of the 600 block is one of the most blighted, then the north side of the 600 block IS THE most blighted. The buildings on the south side arent masterpieces, but they also arent offensive. Perhaps their perceived blight stems from the reflection in their windows of H St Self Storage. I havent heard anything about that place. That needs to go or get some kind of massive facelift

  • Betsy

    Agree with dave b. Also interested to know what the deal is with all the "abandoned" space on the North side of the 700 and 800 blocks....

  • Keith

    Lydia you never cease to entertain me with your mastery of microsoft paint.

  • Ex-Gymnast

    If anyone isn't aware, Jair Lynch was a great gymnast, winning a silver medal on parallel bars at the '96 Atlanta Olympics. That's unrelated to this article, but as an ex-gymnast, it's something I felt like noting.

  • er

    it's going be disneyland on h street in 10 years.
    barring some horrible terrorist attack or something, that is.

    where will the hip kids go next? anacostia? brookland? back to adams morgan?

  • Progentrification

    @er I vote for Brookland.

  • er


    do you live there?
    or do you have another thought on why? is there anything fun happening in brookland these days?

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  • Ally Schweitzer

    The RZA, the GZA, and the BZA. The trifecta is complete.

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  • Prop92

    @er, yeah it's too bad because the vacant spaces and abandoned buildings provide so much character. I just hate the fact the neighborhood is generating more tax revenue, getting more places to eat, and providing jobs for people...because unemployment is so rad!

  • pessimist

    H Street Connection ready to go?!! Is it going down? I don't see any upward movements there.

  • er

    i'm not sure about the strength of your reading comprehension, but that was funny.

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