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Today on the market: Lots of potentials.

  • Hillman

    I'd have a lot more respect for this program if it wasn't branded with Vince Gray's campaign slogan 'One City'.

    Sortof makes it unnecessarily political.

    But beyond that, there is no shortage of jobs for unskilled people in DC.

    We've had a MASSIVE buildout in the city. Countless new restaurants, shops, etc. Huge construction projects, and many more in the pipeline.

    All of these new businesses need unskilled workers. From busboys to waiters to construction labor to maid service, cleaning, landscaping.

    And these new facilities need maid service, landscaping, etc.

    Literally the most new business we've seen in this city in decades.

    Sure, it's not glamorous work. But it's solid work, and can often lead to a better job.

    If you are unskilled in DC and physically able to work but you don't have a job it's likely because you don't want one.