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Morning Links: Signature Spaces

You can have a private car attached to Amtrak trains! [Post]

Self-styled "angels" get kicked out of Georgetown mall. [DCMud]

FIrst look in Foggy Bottom's new bougie epicenter. [Urbanturf]

Boldface names and the homes they bought. [Washingtonian]

Deer: A WMATA headache. [TBD]

How "ghetto" is Marion Barry's neighborhood really? [CHotR]

Kaplan kiboshes plans for for-profit law school. [WBJ]

Banks still not loaning to small businesses. [WBJ]

...But there's $45 million for a new boutique hotel in Georgetown. [WBJ]

A satisfying response to a less-than-satisfying gentrification ditty. [TBD]

Cliffnotes to last night's ANC 5B drama. [FrozenTropics]

Today on the market: Penthouse on Mitchell Park.

  • pj

    re: marion barry's hood--look at the bike, third photo from the bottom. that bike is GHETTO. i'm sorry, the other photos look fine but only a a GHETTO PERSON would ride that bike. i'm sorry.

  • Hillman

    Wowsa. That gentrification article had some fairly silly statements.

    Like that poor residents in DC can't get to jobs in DC.

    Really? DC has one of the best metro and bus systems in the world. And last time I checked you can actually bike from one of the District to the other in relatively little time.

    And he also says that the new high skill jobs in DC somehow crowded out the lower skill jobs?


    We had a HUGE construction boom. And a HUGE retail and restaurant boom. All of these industries need a lot of low skill labor.

    Idiocy like that sortof destroys an authors credibility.