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District’s Newest and Best Skate Park Opens for Business

Inaugural skating session. (Lydia DePillis)

That was fast: Three weeks after the announcement of plans to build a skate park on the RFK Stadium festival grounds, boards are grinding on "freedom ledges" just a couple days before the start of the Maloof Money Cup, which is free for spectators. It's difficult to see the promised resemblance to D.C.'s Freedom Plaza, but it does make you wish Freedom Plaza was a skate park instead. Video after the jump.


  • Drez

    If it's half as sweet as it looks it'll need some shade.
    Summers are oht here...

  • Drez

    "hot here".

  • http://marketurbanism.com Stephen Smith

    Haven't Le Corbusier's students built enough of these already?

  • Bob

    "it does make you wish Freedom Plaza was a skate park instead."

    You've got to be kidding. Skateboarders have caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages to Freedom Plaza and Indiana Plaza along Pennsylvania Avenue. If the Navy Memorial didn't have private security, it would be as damaged. The metal undersides of the skateboards scratch and chip away marble and even granite surfaces. Who will pay for restoration costs? Moreover, pedestrians trying to use the plazas have to jump out of the way of boarders. A few years ago, one even crashed into the glass window of an adjacent business. Lastly, skateboaring is really noisy and the clack, clack reverberates across the plazas into surrounding offices and residences. Putting a skateboard park near RFK and as far away from other uses is the smart thing to do.

  • Dear Bob

    Bob you forgot to also add:


  • h4pr

    Hey Bob, wanna hang out this weekend? You sound like a pretty fun guy. And judging from the tone of your comment, I'm willing to bet your calendar is wide open.

  • E in Rosedale

    @bob: OK Dad!

  • mizage

    so to bob's question..who pays for the damage? Park looks pretty sweet.

  • Harper

    I don't care about the sound, but Bob is right about the damage- they're destroying the marble on Freedom Plaza

  • Calm Down

    nothing against you bob but what about all the other noisy things in a city. you cant say skateboarding is too noisy when cars are honking, balls are being bounced, construction is going on, etc...there are a billion noisy things happening in places like that. the good thing about these parks that are in areas like this is that they provide a safe place for people to skate and cause all the damage they want. these parks are designed to keep people away from illegal skate spots. thats the whole point of the park...to provide a place to skate that resembles places we cant. now idk why i put this comment but it was fun. lol. time to go skate.

  • Carl

    I'm really glad the city has another skatepark. But I'm not sure I'm going to drive or Metro all the way across town for stairs, rails, and benches. Any chance a miniramp or a halfpipe is in the works?

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