Housing Complex

Morning Links: Jumbled

Metro pandemonium! [TBD]

Ecuadorian embassy, Mt. Rona Church take hits. [WTOP, PoP]

For all the security mania, Washingtonians still don't know what to do in an emergency. [Post]

A checklist for great cities. [RPUS]

Hill, meet NoMa. [THIH]

Wanted: Smaller ANCs in Ward 5. [GGW]

Jon Huntsman gets shot at Tudor place. [Curbed]

Today on the market: Good-looking CoHi townhome.


  • Bill

    CoHi home: those are some of the strangest-laid out bathrooms I've ever seen. Looks like you have to step over the toilet to get to the sink in two of them?

  • bob

    TBD link is broken.