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Brookland Square Goes Begging

While project after stalled project has been bought up and built out over the last year in D.C., there are still plenty of vacant lots to go around. Case in point: 1300 Rhode Island Avenue NE, which was last planned for a $75 million mixed-use building called "Brookland Square" back in 2007. It still has a cheerful sign on the corner, even though prospective developer Republic Land dropped out years ago ("The fact of the matter was that the market for financing wasn't there," CEO David Peter tells me).

Things might be looking up for that rock-strewn corner, though. The parcel is listed with MAC Realty Advisors, which hopes to see a closing by the end of the year. With Rhode Island Station well under way a few blocks west, and a prepackaged, pre-approved, eminently marketable Eric Colbert design for a 263-unit apartment building included, it's an add-money-and-stir kind of situation.

  • Rosina

    Who owns it tho? I tried to get that wall along the far end of the property for murals because it looks like hell!! I only had the numbers from the sign to go on and none of those folks would help me. Feel free to email me @gmail.com to RosinaPhoto if anyone knows the owners.

  • Lydia DePillis

    @Rosina - The owner is listed as John Schlick, with a mailing address out in Glover Park. That's all I got.

  • coco d leprechaun

    Stop the Eric Colbert invasion! Who will hire some other architect other than this man? Who?

  • murga

    UUUh. Eric Colbert clearly meets developers' price point, but he leaves DC poorer in the realm of architectural significance.