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Marion Barry Doesn’t Care About Your Stinking Sidewalk

This just in from Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue: Councilmember Marion Barry's silver Jaguar, parked in the crosswalk while he noshed at Uniontown Bar and Grill across the street. Not that people in wheelchairs would have an easy time with those bricks anyway.

There's so much space in front! (Tipster)


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    I'm so tired.

    Tired of Barry.

    Tired of Kwame Brown.

    Tired of our new Mayor.

    Tired of Harry Thomas.

    Tired of them all.

    They just wear me out.

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    We've got to move to get elected officials who aren't corrupt?

    Bite me. You move.

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    A real jerk, this guy.

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    rene has that typical Blackitude goin' on.

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    Isn't it amazing that so much money and energy have been spent over the years tracking and reporting on Marion Barry and to a lesser extent others. What about the money we squander on the perpetural war machine, the resulting suffering for the senseless wars, the money we spend proping up dictators. I wonder does the latter wear hillman out. Does the reporting on Michelle Bauchman and Sarah Palin wear hilman out. Move to Alaska

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    Hey guys, you can't blame Mr Barry for this incident. He was set up! And besides, it's tough to park correctly when smoking a crack pipe.

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    Oh, Dan.

    Yes, Palin and her ilk wear me out. And I was against the Iraq War.

    Just because someone criticizes Marion Barry and the corrupt officials in DC doesn't mean we are some sort of right winger.

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