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Kelsey Gardens is Coming Down

Bring in the wrecking ball! (MAC Realty Advisors)

Metropolitan Development just filed a boatload of raze applications for the fenced-off buildings on 7th Street NW between P and Q Street, otherwise known as Kelsey Gardens. The listing on MAC Realty Advisors' site says the parcel is under agreement, so perhaps a deal is finally on the way to closing; last time we checked it was imminent but on the rocks back when the U.S. was about to go into default. Granted, this project has had more fits and starts than a 15-year-old jalopy, but you don't usually knock buildings down until you're ready to replace them.

UPDATE, Thursday, 10:30 a.m. - After posting this, I was notified that the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs had designated the buildings as "blighted" in mid-June. The property owner appealed at the end of that month, and the question hasn't been resolved yet. If the finding holds, they'll be assessed at the 10 percent rate for the second half of tax year 2011, which means a bill of about $400,000. Razing is a lot less expensive.

So who the hell knows what's going to happen to this site.

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  • ess

    I just hope they don't take down the trees along 7th street--they are incredible in the fall.

  • Cap City Records Panhandler

    As of a couple months ago there were still banners hanging proclaiming "in 2010 new living coming!"

  • Lex

    Does it really cost < $400,000 to knock down a blocks worth of buildings? That seems too reasonable.

  • mmm

    And people (uh, city council members) said the vacant property tax didn't work...

  • Drez

    Glad to see DC Gov is enforcing nuisance property provisions, but I do wonder why they enforce against MetDev, which has an approved plan and only lacks financing, and not against The many Douglas properties which are at least as bad and lack both.

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  • BC

    Do you know the current status of when they might be razing Kelsey Gardens? I know about the raze permits but they don't indicate when they might actually be knocked down...thanks!